First Time Buying a Baby Present? The Two Birdees Gift Guide is Here to Help!

On 9th Mar 2018

So you need to buy a baby gift, and soon. But every infant clothing stores eems to carry a bewildering number of products across just as many brands, fabrics and patterns. How do you choose? Whether you’re searching for the perfect baby shower gift or hunting for a holiday present for a little someone special, we’re determined to get you one the right track. Two Birdees put together this handy gift guide to set you on your way to a stress free holiday. What’s the perfect gift for the little one in your life? It all depends on who you’re buying for…

For your first child: It’s tempting to buy lots of fun patterned clothes and accessories to celebrate your baby’s first holiday season. But chances are you’ll soon be awash in colorful ruffled clothes gifted to you by friends and relatives, many of which your new baby will outgrow before you can bat an eye. Our advice? Focus on durable stuff that your little one isn’t likely to get through gifts. Stuff like quality bedding. KicKee Pants has a great collection of solid and striped sheet sets, all made from 95% bamboo viscose that’s eco friendly, bacteria resistant and incredibly soft.

For a grandchild: When babies are little, a good night’s sleep is a gift for both parent and child! Give them every chance of sleeping through the night with sleep wear that regulates temperature to ensure they aren’t wakened by being too hot or too cold. Woolino makes a range of infant pajamas and sleep sacks in ultra-soft Merino wool, which is famous for its heating and cooling abilities. It’s also durable enough to last until the baby outgrows it and can be passed down to younger siblings. Your wallet, and the baby’s parents, will thank you!

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For a niece/nephew/cousin: Now’s your chance to start earning the “cool aunt/uncle/cousin” designation, one holiday at a time. Go for gifts with a sense of humor, like the Electric Guitar Rockin’ Twofer Shirt from Mini Shatsu. Because you’re never too young to be awesome.  


For more than one baby: Parents with multiple small children are sure to have their hands full, so help them out by giving a set gift that also keeps their little ones clean. We recommend KicKee Pants Bib Sets or mix and match pajamas. The brand’s new ocean themed Salty Seas collection of prints is now available for pre-order in the Two Birdees store!

We hope this gift guide gives you some inspiration. For more help, check out the Two Birdees Store through Nov. 25 to take advantage of our Pre Black Friday Sale. Every dollar you spend gets you more points than usual in Two Birdees Cash, which can then be redeemed to make future orders cheaper. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!