Comfy, soft, baby-friendly....wool? Believe it!

Here at Two Birdees, we post a lot of information about our organic cotton baby clothes and bamboo baby clothes. These two popular fibers hold places of esteem in today’s infant clothing stores marketplace. But today, we wanted to showcase the wonderful things that are being done with a fiber most parents would shy away from putting near their little birdee’s skin: wool. Namely, the Merino wool used by Woolino to make their collection of ultra soft, baby safe gowns, pajamas and sleeping sacks.

What is Merino wool? Merino wool is wool harvested from the Merino breed of sheep, which were first domesticated in Australia around 1800. Merino sheep are prized for their tightly crimped and incredibly soft wool. If you’ve ever worn a scratchy wool sweater in the winter, you know the softness of wool is important. It’s even more important when that wool is being used to make things for children’s delicate skin. It’s the diameter of wool’s individual, wiry fibers that give the fabric its infamous itch. Since Merino wool has naturally smaller fibers than other types of wool, the itch is not an issue.

But it’s not just the softness that makes Merino wool so special. It is also more breathable than any other type of wool, meaning that moisture from the skin is absorbed through the wool fibers and cycled to the outside air, regulating the wearer’s body temperature. This makes Merino wool able to perform the seemingly magical feat of keeping the wearer warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

All parents know the struggle of trying to keep their baby comfortable during nap time: their favorite fuzzy blankie might be too warm, but removing it makes them too cold, while a lightweight cotton or linen blanket doesn’t make them feel snuggled and secure enough. Either way, you’re sure to have a sleepy cranky pants on your hands. But Woolino’s line of Merino wool baby products will keep your little one comfortable enough to sleep without interruption. At least, until something else wakes them up (hello, dirty diaper!).

Woolino products are also odor resistant, static resistant, and hypoallergenic, so even babies with the most sensitive skin can wear Woolino with ease. The Merino wool allows Woolino garments to accomplish all this while still being incredibly soft to the touch.

While most wool garments are blended with synthetic fabrics to make them softer, Merino wool doesn’t need any help. Woolino’s eco friendly baby clothes, swaddles and pajamas are made from 100% Merino wool. At Two Birdees, we pride ourselves on carrying only the safest and eco friendly baby clothes that made from natural fibers, and Woolino is definitely at home here.

Two Birdees carries Woolino products for infants of different ages, from ultra soft swaddles for newborns to sleeping bags, gowns and footie pajamas. Shoulder snaps make for easy dressing and removal, while the array of striped and solid fabrics in pretty pastel colors will keep your baby looking fabulous and feeling comfortable at the same time. So don’t be sheepish as you browse our range of Woolino’s eco friendly infant clothing. This winter, give this unique fabric a chance to warm your heart and your little birdees!