10 Benefits of Buying Bamboo Clothing for Babies

There are many benefits of buying bamboo clothing for your baby. Bamboo material has practical, ecological, and luxury benefits! From softness to UV benefits bamboo is a wonderful material that came be worn during fall, winter, spring, and summer. Perfect for any occasion bamboo is a material essential in your baby’s wardrobe.

  1. Bamboo Is Incredibly Soft
    Bamboo is naturally soft! Bamboo makes the perfect baby clothes because it will be gentle on their delicate skin. The softness will help your baby be comfortable during the day or night. Bamboo baby blankets can also comfort your baby at night while they sleep.
  2. Bamboo Is Breathable
    Bamboo’s fibers are porous so they allow the material to be extremely breathable. Babies often overheat during their sleep or while running around which makes them uncomfortable. Bamboo will keep their skin cool and dry.
  3. Bamboo Is Allergy Reduced
    Since bamboo fibers are naturally smooth they are less irritating to the skin. This will decrease the amount of rashes caused by rough material. Baby skin is both delicate and sensitive and therefore more likely to get irritated. By having your baby dressed in bamboo they are less likely to get skin irritations.
  4. Bamboo Is Thermal Regulating
    Bamboo also will keep your baby warm during the winter seasons. Bamboo has an insulating attribute that keep your baby warm in the winter but also will keep you cool in the summer.
  5. Bamboo is Absorbent
    Bamboo is ideal for when your little one is out in the sun, playing, or sleeping due to the absorbent features of the material. Bamboo can absorb and evaporate sweat and moisture 3 times better than most other materials.
  6. Bamboo is Ecofriendly
    Bamboo cleans the air by providing us with oxygen! Since bamboo grows in dense areas it can supply 30% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo takes very little maintenance, energy, and upkeep. Bamboo also requires much less water to grow and can survive through drought conditions. The sustainable material is also one of the fasted growing plants and can regenerate without the need of replanting. This makes bamboo the perfect eco-friendly baby clothing material.
  7. Bamboo has Natural UV Protection
    Bamboo can protect your baby from harmful sunrays. Studies show that bamboo can naturally protect you from up to 95% of UV rays. The sun can be harsh on new skin and protecting it is very important!
  8. Bamboo is Antibacterial
    Bamboo has a natural anti-microbial agent called “ken” which naturally keeps bacteria from cultivating. This has many benefits for your baby! It means that your baby will be odor free (from sweat that is). It also means that while bamboo is being grown there is no need for the use of pesticides or chemicals to repel bacterial.
  9. Bamboo is Stretchy
    Bamboo clothing is usually made with another type of material such as Lycra. Bamboo and Lycra combined makes an extremely stretchy so that your little one can crawl, walk, sleep, and play comfortably. Also the stretchy material can fit your baby as they start to rapidly grow. The baby brand Free Birdees sells soft bamboo clothing, which is often made with Lycra to achieve soft and stretchy baby clothes that are perfect for any occasion.
  10. Bamboo Can Be Worn All the Time
    Bamboo can be worn for any occasion during any time in the day! Since bamboo is the perfect material for any season bamboo clothing can be a staple in your baby’s wardrobe. Brands like Free Birdees offer an array of different styles that can be dressed up for an evening out or worn to sleep. The softness of bamboo clothing will keep your baby happy and comfortable all of the time.