5 Essential Tips for Dealing with New Baby Stress

5 Essential Tips for Dealing with New Baby Stress

Posted by Twobirdees On 13th Jul 2015 In new born baby stress management, new baby stress

Having a new little birdee is one of the most rewarding moments a couple can experience. Buying new baby toys, stylish clothing, and having a baby shower can be fun, but having a newborn comes with stress, especially for new parents. The lifestyle change that comes with having a baby may be a rough transition for some, but luckily we have put together our top five tips for managing new baby stress!

  1. Eat well
    You are making sure your baby is getting the nutrition they need, but don’t forget to do the same for yourself! Eating the right foods will boost your energy levels for those late nights and may also help reduce stress! A great way to achieve this is to prep meals and snacks ahead of time so they are ready to go when you are.

  2. Accept help from others
    Whether grandma or your sister-in-law volunteers to babysit, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It can be overwhelming to balance everything, so a helping hand can be very beneficial. Remember, the best helper might be closer to you than you think. Try to involve your spouse as much as possible.

  3. Set time for yourself
    Don’t lose sight of what you enjoyed doing before having your baby. Make time to pamper yourself or go out with friends. Although it is tempting to want to do everything for your baby, it is perfectly acceptable to go out on a date night or watch that movie you have been dying to see! Another option is to take up a new hobby you can do while taking care of your little one.

  4. Exercise
    An effective way of managing stress is exercise. Breaking a sweat can greatly improve your mood. If you find it hard to fit working out into your schedule, consider walking with your birdee in their stroller or taking an exercise class with your newborn.

  5. Interact with others that are going through the same thing
    Being a new parent can make you feel alone and lost, but talking to other new parents can give you a better perspective on things. If your friends are not in this stage of life, look online to find local new parents groups or start your own.

Managing stress with a new baby can be a hard task, but we hope these tips will make it a bit easier. When coping, remember that the joy and happiness an infant brings will outweigh all the negatives.