​A New Mom’s Guide to Baby Clothing

Posted by Two Birdees On 4th Jun 2015 In Mom’s Guide to Baby Clothing, baby clothing buying guid

Bodysuits, kimonos, pima cotton,  organic baby clothing, all of the baby clothing terminology can be confusing for a new mom! From onesies to Kimonos, there are many different styles of baby clothing that a new mommy should know about. In addition to the different styles, there are also different materials that will go on your little one’s delicate skin. Becoming a new mom can be stressful but soon you will be a pro! Here are the basics about baby and newborn clothing, as well as a few tips!!


Back to basics! This is probably the one baby-clothing item that we all know about already. It is a simple one-piece article of clothing that leaves the legs uncovered and has easy snaps for quicker changes.This will soon be a staple item, so make sure to stock up! Babies require frequent changes and onesies are a must have item.Onesies come in short sleeve or long sleeve which makes them perfect for all types of weather. You can buy a pair of pants, shorts, or skirt over them as well to make a complete outfit.

Tip: When shopping online or in stores many baby clothing companies call onesies “bodysuits”

Footed Onesies:
Better known as footies!! These will keep your baby warm throughout the night and day with bottoms that cover their legs and feet. Footies also come with easy snaps for easy changing. Footies are extremely easy for new moms. You don’t have to worry about putting pants on your little one or socks, making them super practical. Brands like  Kissy KissyUnder the NileKickee Pants, and L’ovedbaby all have fold over sleeve cuffs. Easy fold over hand covers will keep your baby’s hands warm and keep him/her from scratching face.

Tip: Again baby companies love giving different names to the same styles. Footed onesies can be called footies, jammies, overalls and more.

A coverall is usually similar to a footie with its long sleeves and pants but the feet are not covered. Coveralls are more flexible! They allow the baby to grow into the outfit as they get longer, thus your baby can wear it for a longer time. Also these coveralls are perfect for when the weather starts to warm up as sometimes those warm feet might not want to always stay in socks!

A kimono is a new mommy’s dream! A kimono is like an onesie but wraps around the side of your baby. This means that you don’t have to pull it over your baby’s head, which trust me, can be a somewhat frustrating experience. It also makes it easier to put your baby’s arms through. With easy and simple change, a kimono is perfect for newborns.

Tip: A concern with a newborn is that they will still have a scab on their umbilical cord. This will dry up anywhere from 7 to 21 days. A kimono allows you to loosely cover their belly so it won’t tug, rub, or push against the scab.

Gowns are also like a footie but it does not separate the legs. These are perfect for the many diaper changes throughout the night. They are also perfectly paired with a swaddling blanket which keep your baby snug and keep them sleeping for longer.

A romper is an adorable one-piece that usually has short sleeves and short bottoms. This is the perfect alternative to an onesie. Perfect for the warmer days and nights. Since it is a one-piece it is extremely easy to put on and have a complete outfit.

Material Tips:

Look out for materials that are breathable such as cotton or bamboo. These materials will keep your baby’s skin dry and cool. Also they are usually easy to care for, which is important since babies often need to have outfit changes. Look for stretchy material that will stretch over your little ones head. Here are the benefits of a couple of our favorite baby clothing materials:

Organic Cotton:

  • Organic cotton is free of harmful toxins such as Formaldehyde.
  • Due to minimal processing, organic baby clothing usually lasts longer!
  • It is great for your baby’s overall well being and sensitive skin.

Pima Cotton:

  • This is the highest quality and most premium cotton around! This is the Ferrari class as far as baby clothing materials go!
  • The purest quality and softest hand feel for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Heirloom quality material that makes the outfit retain its look & feel wash after wash!


  • Bamboo is extremely breathable and will help keep your baby’s skin nice and dry.
  • Baby clothing made from bamboo is really stretchy and adapts to your baby’s growth and body movements!
  • It feels so soft to the touch and is allergy reduced.
  • It can help keep your baby comfortable all day long with thermal regulating properties.
  • Bamboo is the perfect material for any style of baby clothing!