Benefits of a Gender Neutral Huxbaby Wardrobe

Benefits of a Gender Neutral Huxbaby Wardrobe

There are a million and one things to consider when you’re pregnant: the baby’s health, your health, savings, the nursery, the shower, and of course baby-proofing the house, car, and cat. It’s no wonder some modern moms are opting to stress less by streamlining at least one part of their pregnancy experience: baby clothes. Choosing gender neutral clothes for babies has become increasingly popular. Doing away with the traditional pink for girls/blue for boys color scheme looks fresh and takes a load off parents’ minds, but it may also benefit your child and your pregnancy in other ways. Read on for our top five reasons to give the gender neutral wardrobe a try.

You’ll be in good company.

More moms are choosing not to know their child’s gender. One of the most common reasons to choose a unisex wardrobe is that parents don’t want to know whether your baby is a boy or girl before birth. Leaving the gender of their child a mystery is something more parents are doing by choice, but finances may also play a role. Gender tests have gotten much cheaper over the years, but even noninvasive blood tests to determine gender cost around $100. When you just spent a month’s salary on nursery furniture, that can be a lot to fork over. If you can’t afford to know gender for sure, then you’ll have to wait until your ultrasound (about four and a half months into the pregnancy) for your doctor’s best guess. Already stressed moms to be often feel pressured to produce answers so they can make gender typed fashion and decor choices well ahead of the big day.

Many parents who are interested in going gender neutral with their baby’s wardrobe worry there will be a lack of options, or that their little one will end up with a dresser full of functional but ugly potato-sack onesies. That’s where Huxbaby comes in. Their brand is marketed as “urban kidswear” for a reason: their designs are sweet, sleek, and all around stylish. From modern and comfy drop crotch pants to the iconic Hux bear t-shirt, Huxbaby organic clothing has your babies covered, whatever their genders. ***add a link to our Mayoral offering here.

Shower guests can shop ahead.

Whether or not you plan to test for your baby’s gender, embracing a unisex wardrobe means you can go ahead and schedule your baby shower as early as you want, rather than waiting on an ultrasound or other test. An earlier shower date might mean you have less of that mommy-to-be glow in the photos, but it will also mean you have more energy to deal with endless rounds of the dirty diaper game and Great Aunt Rhonda’s childrearing advice.

Whenever you decide to hold your shower, Huxbaby provides guests with tons of options for gifting. Two Birdees carries oodles of items from Huxbaby’s most recent collection, as well as oldies but goodies from earlier lines. And if you’re having a little girl and a relative just can’t bear the thought of not buying her something girly, Huxbaby carries adorable swing dresses that look feminine without falling prey to lots of lace ruffles and fussy pink bows.

Money matters.

If you’re already in despair about saving for your new baby’s college tuition, consider this: A gender neutral wardrobe can be more cost effective than gender typed options, especially if you plan to have more kids. From a frugal standpoint, it just makes sense to eliminate much of the need to buy a whole new wardrobe for each new baby. If you buy durable, unisex baby clothes, you’ll only need to buy once… or at least, a lot less often. Huxbaby organic baby clothes carry a range of items that will work equally well on your current child and any of their future brothers or sisters. For example, the long sleeved Hux bunny onesie would look darling on a little girl, but the soft fawn color is neutral enough that little boys would look just as great in it.

Dressing without limits could expand your baby’s horizons.

As more parents opt to raise their kids outside traditional gender roles, other areas of society--like government and education--have started to take note. In 2015, Sweden officially adopted a gender neutral pronoun, hen, into the national vocabulary. The move was celebrated by Swedish schools like the Egalia preschool in Stockholm, which follows a unisex curriculum. To avoid stereotyping by gender, Egalia students are encouraged to call each other by the new pronoun, by name, or simply as “friend.”

Okay, that example might be a bit extreme. But even if you don’t want to go that far into gender-free parenting, just avoiding stereotypical girl/boy clothes and accessories might have a positive effect on children. Some believe that allowing children to embrace any color or pattern of clothing they like, regardless of gender, gives them a more open view of the world. On the other hand, limiting a child’s clothes, room decorations, and toys by gender may limit their imagination or even their willingness to embrace certain career paths. For example, if a little girl is denied a shirt with a rocket ship on it because it’s “not for girls,” she may learn that it’s not acceptable for girls to like rockets, or space travel, or science at all.

While it’s unclear how much of an impact gender typed clothing really has on kids’ early development, it certainly can’t hurt for concerned parents to keep their little ones’ options open. Boys and girls alike can wear Huxbaby’s comfy “Mini-malist” clothes with pride, preparing them for a life of bold fashion choices based on taste and self-expression instead of societal rules.

Color-coded clothes are arbitrary, anyway.

It may seem like pink for girls and blue for boys has been around forever, but the reality is that well into the 1800s, babies of either gender were dressed in the same practical, neutral clothing. By the turn of the 20th century, pastel baby clothes were commonly available, but the pink/blue gender divide as we know it didn’t exist. Magazines from the 1910s and 1920s advised mothers to choose their baby’s clothes based on their hair and eye color, rather than what was underneath their diaper.

Pink and blue for girls and boys didn’t become common until the 1940s. The color divide faded again in the social changes of the 1960s, but re-appeared in the 1980s, when it became possible to determine a child’s gender before birth. Today, Huxbaby and other makers of modern, organic infant clothing back up parents who want to think outside the box. Huxbaby rompers, leggings, tees, and PJs all come in classy neutral tones of black, white, gray and fawn. Fun graphics in black and metallics keep the neutral palette from being boring as they craft looks that will suit boys and girls equally.

So, you’ve decided to take the leap into unisex baby clothes. But where to shop for them? Gender-neutral clothing options are becoming more common in newborn clothing stores, with Huxbaby and other brands coming out with whole or partial collections of neutral pieces. Still, requesting that your little one have a wardrobe free from tiny tulle tutus and blue onesies with pictures of heavy machinery might send some baby shower guests into despair as they comb the very gender split racks at their local infant clothing stores and big box retailers. Luckily, you can just send them our way! We take great pride and time to make each gift package as special and unique as your soon-to-be here baby. We also offer the option for your guests to purchase gift cards which will in turn offers you more room to choose and have fun with shopping!

Two Birdees has combed the world for the best in unique and all-around cool baby clothes so you don’t have to. We offer organic and eco friendly baby clothes from top designers. Here at Two Birdees, you can buy Huxbaby online, as well as other brands with a unisex bent. Many of our brands carry clothes that could be used for either gender, such as the bandana bibs from Finn + Emma’s line of organic cotton baby clothes and accessories, or virtually any of the bamboo baby clothes from Kickee Pants. Check out the gender neutral puffins, orca whales and other adorable animals printed on their brand new fall 3 collection.

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We hope this post has given you some food for thought as you prepare for your precious birdees’ arrival, no matter what their gender!