Benefits of Babywearing with a Tula Baby Carrier

Benefits of Babywearing with a Tula Baby Carrier

On 6th Feb 2016

Most moms naturally want to curl up to their newborn and remain close, especially after dressing them in the top baby fashion with super soft organic cotton or bamboo clothing. With Tula baby carriers, it's possible to keep the infant close and snug as you show them off in public in their designer kids clothes and stylish babiators. Fortunately, babywearing with Tula baby carriers boasts a number of benefits that allows the child to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. This has made the product one of the most popular items to include in a baby gift set and makes for a popular baby shower gift that expectant mothers can use as their child develops. This is why Tula has consistently been one of Two Birdees' moms favorites!

baby tula carrier benefits

Proper Balance

Studies prove that babies who are held in carriers are able to exercise their vestibular system, which allows their balance to develop as they grow. This allows them to continue breathing well and growing at a steady rate for proper motor development and physiology. It even allows them to advance with their auditory and visual alertness, which helps them to get a jump start on their growth and development in the first year of their life.

Maintain Daily Activities

Babies aren't the only ones who get to benefit from Tula baby carriers that are sold on Two Birdees, but new moms and dads can also enjoy the product by keeping the child close without having an interruption in their busy schedule. The ergonomic product makes it easy to continue with household chores, grocery shopping, and tending to the needs of other children in the home. Mothers who are nursing can also enjoy feeding the baby while wearing the carrier at home or in public, which makes it easy to complete more tasks in the day while allowing the child to stay comfortable. The child will even begin to pick up on their mother's rhythmic breathing, which are known to balance the infant's irregular rhythms.

Monitor the Infant's Breathing

Although many parents spend a significant amount of time planning for their baby's arrival by picking out cool baby clothes or newborn hats, just as much attention should be given to using the right carrier to promote the health and safety of the child after they're born. Keeping the infant close to your chest will make it easy to monitor their breathing as they nap or sleep soundly in their baby layette gown. Many parents enjoy the peace of mind that it offers by keeping a close eye on the newborn. The product also offers proper ergonomic support to ensure that their airway isn't blocked due to a head and neck that are properly supported.

Improved Breastfeeding

Although babywearing can be fun by using a designer baby carrier that looks adorable with your child's stylish baby clothes and booties, one of the main benefits is the bond that mothers and babies can create with frequent use of the product. The child will be able to feel safe and secure with close contact with the caregiver. For both preemies and newborns, this can help to promote proper weight gain and can even improve the breastfeeding process. Many mothers even experience an increase in their milk supply by keeping the child on their chest. As the child develops, they'll feel comfortable being in close contact with the mother and will have a heightened sense of security due to the care that is offered.

Sooth Colicky Children

Baby carriers can also help to sooth a colicky child and help them to remain calm by being in close contact with their caregiver throughout the day. This can reduce a child's crying by 43 percent, which will allow them to have proper development both mentally and emotionally due to less stress levels that they experience in the first few months of their life. The baby will learn to trust that they're in safe hands and that their needs will continue to be met.

Extend the Womb Experience

Babywearing with Tula baby carriers also extends the womb experience, which can regulate the baby's systems by organizing their regulating systems. This makes it easier for the infant to adjust to life outside of the womb without being thrust into a new environment that they may not be comfortable with. Due to the ergonomic design of the carriers, the baby is properly supported with their neck and head to ensure that they can continue to thrive while enjoying a position that mimics being in the womb. When the child is worn chest to chest, the baby is also reminded of being in the womb because they're able to hear the mother's heartbeat once again.