Benefits of Kickee Pants Designer Baby Clothes

Benefits of Kickee Pants Designer Baby Clothes

Posted by Two Birdees On 6th Dec 2015

As one of the leading online retail stores for organic and eco-friendly children clothes and essentials, Two Birdees is gaining a large following among parents for their choice of high-quality natural fabrics and organic baby materials that are used to construct each item. Their eco-friendly materials are enjoyed by parents who care about the health of their children and for kids who have fun feeling comfortable in adorable coveralls, footies, pajamas, and so much more. The products also help to reduce each customer’s carbon footprint to create a more habitable environment and a better place to live for our children’s children!


Kickee Pants and Two Birdees Offer Eco Baby & Toddler Clothes

Kickee Pants’ eco-friendly clothing is enjoyed for its softness, which allows newborn babies and children to feel comfortable during the day and night in luxury stretch bamboo clothes. This also avoids rashes or irritations that can develop on sensitive skin with other types of materials that are commonly used with baby clothing. Parents can even enjoy cuddling with the child and enjoying the soft material of the infant’s clothing on their own skin. The soft viscose fabric made from bamboo, which is blended with 5% of lycra,  is known to be extremely stretchy, which allows the child to have plenty of mobility with crawling, walking, or playing. Because the material is stretchy, kids can also grow into it without feeling restricted or bound by the fabric. This makes it easy to avoid moving the child up to a larger size as quickly, which can allow the clothing to be used for a longer period of time compared to other brands.

All of the Kickee Pants stretch bamboo clothing and blankets on Two Birdees also have plenty of breathability, which prevent the children from becoming too warm when they’re cozy in the clothing or swaddled in Kickee Pants bamboo blankets. Young kids are prone to sweating or overheating due to their still developing nervous system. All of Kickee Pants clothing are not restrictive and allows the child’s skin to breathe for the ultimate amount of comfort whether they’re awake or in a slumber. The products sold through the clothing brand are made up of porous bamboo fibers, which help to keep the skin dry to avoid irritations. The clothing can also be worn when spending a day out in the sun without worrying about the little one sweating too much or wanting to head back indoors from being too hot. The bamboo material also helps to absorb any sweat that develops and prevents odors during the day.

An additional benefit of Kickee Pants clothing is the cool baby clothes that are available for small children with up and coming trends featured through Two Birdees. Parents can enjoy dressing their boys or girls in playful prints that are youthful and innocent. Each style is uniquely designed and allows the child to stand out with high quality materials that are used.  The products can be passed down to each sibling and will still maintain their appeal during the years. The clothing will easily withstand dozens of washes without fading or losing its shape. As with all premium quality clothing, low temperature machine wash and drying are recommended.

Choose From Different Styles at Two Birdees, the Ultimate Baby Clothing Boutique

Kickee Pants can transform any child’s wardrobes with the designer kids clothes that are available through our online store. Because we offer a great assortment of styles and sizes in Kickee Pants, Two Birdees is recognized as one of Kickee Pants’ “Spotlight Stores”! This offers parents the ultimate convenience and versatility to choose the appropriate styles and assortment. The different styles also make it fun to change into a variety of looks to stay comfortable throughout the year and  for all occasions & special moments.

Some of the most versatile styles to enjoy dressing your little one in are rompers and swing dresses, which are an one-piece look that is available on Two Birdees that is truly youthful and easy to wear. It is comfortable enough for everyday wear and dressy enough for attending other kids’ birthday parties. Rompers feature short sleeves and short bottoms, which are perfect for the spring or summer seasons to allow the child to stay cool. This also allows the child to have plenty of mobility when they’re beginning to crawl or learning how to walk.

Kickee Pants coveralls and footies on Two Birdees are the most staple items from this line. Many babies and young toddlers grow up literally living in these pieces days and nights. Due to their comfortability, these styles are often used as pajamas or can be worn all day long and all year round. The only difference between coveralls and footies is that the latter comes with attached socks and anti slippery dots on the socks bottoms.  

Gowns are another popular clothing piece for babies to wear because they offer a high level of comfort when sleeping or during the first few months of a baby’s life. Gowns are easy to change the baby in and out of without fussing with buttons or zippers. Although the product is open on the bottom near the legs, it still offers plenty of warmth and can be used in conjunction with a swaddling blanket. Convertible gowns are one of the most popular options for moms with infants because during the day the gowns can be snapped into a coverall and at night converted back into an easy diaper changing gown!

Those who want to dress their kids up in a trendy twist on a traditional onesie can opt for purchasing a kimono on Two Birdees, which wraps around the side of the baby for a secure fit. This allows mothers to dress the child in the clothing without squeezing it over their head. We all know what a challenge that is with a fussy baby! It also makes it easier to put the baby’s arms through and allow them to stay asleep for added convenience. For newborns, kimonos are loose enough around the baby’s torso to allow the scab from the umbilical cord to heal properly in the first few weeks of the child’s life.

The boxer briefs are another hit among moms for eco baby gifts that little boys can feel comfortable in. Some parents even order the item one to two sizes up for a product that can be worn as shorts with a coordinated color top. Eventually, the child will grow into the boxer briefs and can wear them as underwear, what they are original intended for. The lagoon honeycomb and peacock raindrops boxer briefs are both creative and unique for must-have items that add extra detail to any look, whether they’re worn as shorts or as undies.

Although Kickee Pants offers a variety of clothing styles, they also offer accessories for a great way to enhance any outfit and allow it to look complete. The double knot hat is a cute look for both boys and girls for an adorable accessory that can be worn for any occasion. The stretchy material of the product also makes it comfortable to wear for any size of head for infants although the hat does comes in variant sizes.

The swaddling blankets are must-haves for items that the child can wear to feel snug and safe in during the first few months of their life for the best baby gift. The swaddling blankets are extremely durable but still offer plenty of breathability to prevent the baby from sweating. The swaddling blanket also mimics the feeling of being in the womb for the newborn baby, which will allow the child to sleep longer during the night and with each nap by feeling extra secure.

Stroller blankets through Kickee Pants and Two Birdees are ideal for those who want to take their children outdoors during the cooler months out of the year. The stroller blanket is constructed out of 2 layers of the stretch bamboo material and it will prevent the child from becoming cold during the fall or winter seasons. It makes it easy for the parents to take their kid for an outdoor walk or spend time in the backyard as the baby is covered with the stroller blanket. The product can even be used as a playmat to allow the child to enjoy tummy time on the floor at home or when in public places.

Different Prints Available with the Fashion Baby Clothes

For the mother who can’t get enough versatility each piece of clothing that is in her child’s closet, there are a plenty of prints available through Kickee Pants for fun with fashion. The brand offers six different collections throughout the year for revolving looks that allow both baby and mother (or dad) to never tire of the styles. The different collections that offer baby bamboo clothes also accommodate the changes in seasons with the prints, colors, and different constructions that make the different styles more suitable from one season to the next. For instance, short sleeve 2 piece pajamas top and swing dresses are introduced in spring/summer collections vs. long sleeve counterparts during fall/winter ones!

For the Fall 2 15’ collection, dinosaurs are a hit with a focus on the prehistoric time and ancient animals that include the plesiosaur, the megalodon, and massive wooly mammoths. Instead of allowing boys to have all the fun, the dinosaur prints are available for girls who want to rock the style. This offers a look back in time for whimsical prints that come with every superbly designed Kickee Pants clothe. It even makes for a great way for kids to learn the names of different dinosaurs while staying comfortable in eye-catching clothing items. Kids can use their imagination on how the dinosaurs roamed the land and how they inhabited different environments.

Some of the upcoming prints that are available through the brand with their Spring 2 16’ collection explore different animals and use them to enhance the style of each clothing item for added innocence to baby newborn and toddler clothes. Hedgehogs will be introduced, which are great for both boys and girls who love wildlife. Pandas are also incorporated into the prints for an adorable feature that is also ideal for both genders. Both of huge hits with parents and grandparents! What is even cooler than these awesome prints and proprietary designs are the extended sizes these clothes will come in. Starting from spring 2 16’, coveralls will be offered up to size 6 and footies size 10! What a great way to make sure that our almost “grown up” kids can also join in on the fun and look and feel great in coordinated outfits with their younger siblings!

Kids (and parents!) who want to have fun with make-believe can enjoy wearing dragons, sea monsters, pegasus, storks and fairies. This collection, filled with mythological and fairytale characters, will allow kids to explore their imagination with fun shirts, pants, and baby pjs.The Spring 3 16’ collection will be released at the end of April, 2016 and is currently available for pre-orders. Those who want to order items for the upcoming collection can contact Kathy at

Two Birdees Gives Back to Our Community

Although Two Birdees works hard to provide the highest quality of clothing to keep kids healthy and fashionable, they are also just as concerned about giving back to the community. The founders of Two Birdees have chosen to focus on eco-friendly baby and toddler products not only to ensure the comfort and safety of your children, but also to pitch in their effort in providing a more promising place for our kids’ kids to live in!

Two Birdees recently contributed 10 percent of their proceeds from their only and once a year summer sale to Stella, a sweet girl who was in NICU and fighting for her life. The baby was born only 3 pounds, 5 ounces with a rare infection that causes her to be ill. She has had difficulties with her liver and has required more oxygen with several weeks spent in NICU. Two Birdees is committed to helping the many little girls and boys like Stella. In the words of their owner, Kathy, “what is better than contributing to a face we can see!”

Two Birdees is committed to continue suppport the communities and issues that resonate deeply with their missions and values!

Huge Assortment Available for Great Baby Gifts

Kickee Pants caters to parents who have different styles and tastes when it comes to dressing up their little one. From ultimate comfort to whimsical designs, there’s a large assortment of choices for a great way of selecting the perfect product for every type of parent. As children’s interests change and they develop and grow, the brand caters to each age group to ensure that the child has fun wearing the unique prints and ensure they grow in their individuality.

The items also make for great baby shower gifts for adorable clothing items and accessories that a new mom can enjoy using. This will make for unforgettable photos as the baby begins to grow and start taking his/her first steps!

There are also a number of different collections available, which make it easy to choose unique themes that are specific to both boys and girls. New collections, styles, and prints are always released through the retailer for adorable looks that change as much as the seasons. Not only will the products become a fixture during childhood for the kids, but it makes for an incredible way to celebrate innocence in the first and arguably the most critical years of a child’s life!