Best Kickee Pants Items for Fast Growing Babies

Best Kickee Pants Items for Fast Growing Babies

On 4th Apr 2016

New parents quickly learn just how fast their baby grows out of their newborn baby clothing! You may realize that your little one is ready for a new size right after you stocked up for the season and filled their closet with new items. It can be easy to spend a significant amount of money on adorable products for children only to realize that they only wear them a handful of times before the product becomes too snug. Fortunately, there are a number of Kicky Pants baby clothes on Two Birdees for growing babies to ensure that you can use them for an extended period of time.

Best Kickee Pants products

Layette Convertible Gowns

Kickee Pants converters quickly become the most used item in a child's closet as they begin to grow and develop. The product starts out as a roomy layette gown and switches into a coverall in just seconds with a couple of snaps. This will provide you with the flexibility that you need to change the style of the product as your infant begins to grow into the bamboo infant clothing. The convertibles are also easy to use when bringing your little one along when running errands around town. You can allow them to feel cozy in the layette gown before transitioning it into coveralls when it's time to get them buckled into their car seat.

Swing Dresses

Kickee Pants swing dresses are the perfect item to purchase from Two Birdees for little girls who can show off their cuteness. They're lightweight and roomy, which makes it easy to accommodate two seasons. Your daughter will enjoy having plenty of mobility with the playful attire of a dress that will become shorter with time and can be paired with leggings for an adorable outfit set.

3-Piece Bib Sets

Although bibs are commonly used to feed children in their high chairs and protect their cotton baby clothes from stains as they learn to eat, they can also be used to absorb drool that your child will have when they begin to teeth with an absorbent terry clothing backing. Kickee Pants 3-Piece Bib Sets are easy to take on the go and are just as soft as the brand's clothes for a baby's first few months of his life. This will help to keep his Kickee Pants clothing dry and will prevent the onesie or romper from becoming soaked throughout the day.


Two Birdees sells a variety of footies that are breathable and offer flexibility with your child's movements as they begin to become more mobile. Footies are ideal for any age and can be used as a comfortable clothing item that your child will feel cozy in as they nap during the day or when they begin to crawl. They can easily grow into the footies for several months without feeling too snug.


Layettes feature an open bottom without legs for a comfortable gown that is perfect for newborn babies and makes for easy diaper changing. Their legs can grow comfortably without being restricted for a gown that will become shorter but won't cause the baby to feel restricted in the material.

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are a hot item to include on your baby registry to ensure that your newborn stays snug and sound asleep in the first month or two of her life. Although swaddle blankets are increasing in popularity to help children sleep better, they are also ideal for growing babies because they serve a variety of purposes. When your baby grows out of swaddling, the blankets can easily be used for diaper changes in public or when your child needs a play mat to lay on. They can also be used to keep your child snug and warm in their carseat or stroller for a lightweight and breathable product that will continue to comfort your little one.

Moms even use swaddle blankets as scarves to cover up spit up that can end up on shirts and blouses from time to time. They can also be used as a protective cover when it's time to breastfeed in public.


Kickee Pants coveralls are available on Two Birdees and are a hit with parents for a practical item that is just as stylish as it is functional. The product features a flap on the bottom of the clothing item, which makes it easy to change your baby's diaper in seconds without fussing around with taking off their pants. These are perfect for growing babies because they come footless, which allows children to wear them without feeling too snug or restricted as their legs grow. The legs of the coveralls simply become shorter, which creates an adorable style that can continue to be worn throughout the year.