Celebrate Your Kickee Love Affair with Kickee Pants Fall 1 Anniversary Collection

Posted by Two Birdees On 1st Jun 2017 In kickee pants, Fall 1 Anniversary

2017 is the 10 year anniversary of the founding of one of our favorite brands, Kickee Pants! The brand has spent a decade creating the most adorable bamboo baby clothes for us to bring to you. 

New Styles

There are a ton of great new pieces in Kickee Pants Fall 1 Collection! Get ready for two piece PJ sets, peasant tops, footies, coveralls, underwear and training pants sets, ruffled rompers with kimono closures, hi-lo hem dresses, swaddling blankets, strollers, crib sheets, and more!

One new item that has us really excited is the Kickee Pants toddler blanket. These blankets are the same lightweight yet sturdy bamboo fabric that we’ve come to love and expect from the brand’s stroller blankets, but toddler blankets are twice the size. They’re perfect for bigger kids who still need a cozy cover for sitting on the couch or long car rides. They can also be spread out on the grass at picnics, concerts, outdoor festivals, or any favorite warm-weather activity.

The Fall 1 collection isn’t all about the little ones; there are some great pieces for moms, too! We’ll bring you more details when we can, but for now, let’s just say there are some adorable outfit matching possibilities ahead!

Same Great Quality

Between new styles, blankets, prints, and clothes for moms, there’s a lot to look at in Kickee Pants Fall 1 Anniversary Collection. But don’t worry; our favorite brand may have added some novel pieces, but the quality of each garment is will still be held to the same high standards we’ve come to expect from Kickee Pants bamboo baby clothes. The fabric is still 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex, with all the stretch and breathability that brings to benefit kids and moms alike. The natural antibacterial properties of the bamboo fiber still make the clothes safe enough for even the most sensitive or allergy-prone skin. And each piece is still made with eco friendly and sustainable principles in mind

Swingin’ Retro Prints and Dresses

What is better than being able to grab several HTF (“hard to find”) styles @ retail prices?! And one of the most awesome parts of Kickee Pants Fall 1 Collection is the re-release of the most popular classic prints and pieces that have been featured in past collections. First off, the brand is bringing back the classic style swing dress that’s been so well loved by Kickee Pants moms. This original dress has a roomy upper bodice that allows little girls to stretch and move with greater ease. In recent collections, the swing dress was modified to have a tighter bodice with a decorative keyhole in the back. The style was cute, but moms and kids alike missed the freedom of movement that came with the classic swing dress, so Kickee Pants brought it back. That’s one of the reasons we love working with Kickee Pants: they really listen to customer feedback, and they’re always striving to bring moms the best, safest, most sustainable infant clothing. That’s what Two Birdees is all about...must be why we get along with Kickee Pants so well!

These patterns are back by popular demand...literally. Kickee Pants ran a poll asking moms to choose their favorite print of all time; the votes were tallied, and the ones with the most votes got reprinted in honor of the brand’s milestone 10th anniversary. Here are the prints (and background colors) that made the cut:

Running Labs (lilac and pond); Farm (natural); Cows (berry and meadow); Sheep (grapevine and stone); Pigs (natural and river); Marigold (natural); Geese (stone); Honeycomb (natural and glacier); Cookies (lotus and glacier); Blooms (lotus); Anniversary Stripe (boy and girl); Tractor (stone); Dino (white); Fish Bowl (twilight); Hay Bales (river); Starry Sky (twilight); and Tree Canopy (Peacock).

As you can see, farm animals were very popular, as were traditional shades of blue for boys and pink/purple for girls. Not that you need to let gender roles decide the patterns you go for; we know plenty of little girls who could rock some Dinosaur pajamas, and plenty of little boys who would look great in the deep purple of grapevine sheep.

If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift but aren’t sure of the gender, we recommend a pattern anyone can get behind, like the Starry Sky print with its twilight blue background, or the gorgeous honeycomb pattern with yellow and gray bee accents. Those hexagonal honeycomb shapes are so popular right now, and the pattern looks great on anyone. Here’s to hoping Kickee Pants will release some mom-sized clothing in that print, too!

Sale Details

The Kickee Pants Fall 1 Anniversary Collection will be available for pre-sale in our shop starting at midnight PST, 6/15. The collection will be shipped to us between 6/15 and 7/15. The moment we get that shipment, we turn it around and send all that bamboo fabric goodness to our Kickee Pants pre sale buyers first! So be sure and take advantage of our pre release Kickee Pants sale for the best deals and quickest delivery of your eco friendly bamboo baby clothes!

While you’re browsing the Two Birdees Kickee Pants collection, why not take a look at some of our other popular brands? We strive to bring you the best in eco friendly and organic baby clothes sourced from all over the world. From fabric innovators like Kickee Pants to classy European styles by Mayoral USA to organic cotton baby clothes by Finn and Emma, we do the work of finding the best baby clothes and accessories so you don’t have to! There are tons of sale items in our shop right now as we make room for Kickee Pants Fall 1 and other fall collections, so you never know what great deals you might find! Be sure to check it out, and as always, thanks for reading!

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