Choosing the Right Baby Blanket with Free Birdees

On 3rd Feb 2018

Blankets are the most popular baby gift item out there, and for good reason: a good blanket is versatile, cuddly and can last your little ones for years before they outgrow it. But how do you know which blanket is the right one? Never fear; Two Birdees is here to help, with the assistance of our favorite bamboo infant clothing brand, Free Birdees. It may seem like all blankets are the same, but there are actually several styles and sizes to choose from. Free Birdees offers stroller, swaddling and toddler blankets. All are made from Free Birdees signature bamboo fabric, but each has qualities that make it special. Here’s a rundown:

Swaddling Blankets They are single layer, unlined blankets meant to wrap snugly around an infant without making them too hot.

Stroller Blankets are the same size as swaddling blankets, but they are double layered to keep little ones warm on outside walks. Free Birdees stroller blankets come with either flat, piped edges or ruffled trim.

Toddler Blankets measure. They are meant to cover children who have outgrown their swaddling blankets. Toddler blankets from Free Birdees also come with flat or ruffled edges.

Throw Blankets are full sized blankets measuring 55 by 75 inches. These are meant for adults who love the feel of their little ones’ Free Birdees bamboo baby clothing and want to nap just as comfortably!

Once you know which type of blanket fits your little one’s needs, it’s time to pick your print! Just like their bamboo baby clothes, Free Birdees blankets come in a dazzling array of prints and colors. Some of our most popular prints from recent collections include Highland Cattle with its lovely blue background and Gentle Highland Cattles; Astro-Sloth where midnight blue astronaut sloths dot the spatial sky.

Free Birdees even creates some secret, custom print combinations for their pajamas and toddler blankets. These unique items don’t spend much time on the website, since they tend to sell out minutes after we post them! Print combinations from the Inspirations collection trim and backing.

Once you have your blanket size and print all picked out, go ahead and place your order. Free Birdees prints are limited in quantity, so be ready to pounce on those gorgeous prints, or browse through the offerings we already have up in our shop.  We hope this guide helped you choose the best blanket for your little birdees. Thanks for reading!

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