Classic Prints Make Comebacks in Kickee Pants Spring 1 2018 Collection

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Spring 1 Collection

As fans of Two Birdees’ Kickee Pants bamboo baby clothes already know, the brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary! And it’s giving out gifts in the form of re-released classic prints! Kickee Pants asked moms to vote on their favorite prints from past seasons, and they’re bringing back the most popular ones for a limited time. Two Birdees’ sale of classic fall Kickee prints was super successful. Now we’re excited to share the prints to be released in the KP baby clothes Spring 1 2018 collection.

The prints to be re-released are…

For Boys: Pond Bees, Pond Airplane, Natural Crocodile, Lemon Shark, Natural Pineapple, Twilight Whale, Confetti Anniversary Stripe, Natural Sailboat, Twilight Moon and Stars, Twilight Pretzel Pup, Confetti Party Flags, Confetti Star, Pond Camper

For Girls: Natural Camper, Natural Gumball Machine, Flamingo Anniversary Stripe, Natural Pineapple, Flamingo Star, Twilight Dot, Natural Mermaid, Natural Peony, Pond Bees, Lotus Watermelon, Flamingo Party Flags, Flamingo Rainbow

Camper: This adorable print features tiny RV campers in shades of red, orange, and pink. It’s been one of our favorites since it first came out; a blanket in this print is just the thing to tuck around your little one on a long car trip! This print comes in two versions: Pond Camper, which has a cool blue background, and Natural Camper, on which the background is off white.

Peony: The flowers on this print are a bit larger than most Kickee Pants patterns, so they have a lot of detail. They really pack a visual wallop, especially in Natural Peony, where a light background lets the lovely pinks and reds of the flowers take center stage.

Mermaid: This print of deep blue mermaid silhouettes swimming through an ocean of curlicued waves is so pretty, we wouldn’t mind having something printed with it ourselves. Your little one will be the cutest thing under the sea in a Kickee Pants 2 piece pajama set in their Neutral Mermaid print.

Anniversary Stripe: There’s nothing quite as cheerful as a pattern of bright stripes, and Kickee Pants brings the sunshine with two versions of this classic print. Flamingo Anniversary Stripe has alternating bands of pink, red and teal, while Confetti Anniversary Stripe is all greens and blues with some neutral thrown in there for contrast.

These gorgeous patterns are printed on Kickee Pants’ ultra soft bamboo infant clothing using eco friendly methods to ensure your little one stays as safe and snuggly as possible. Kickee Pants Spring 1 collection carries favorites like toddler blankets, 2 piece pajama sets, coveralls, footies, swing dresses, swaddling blankets and more. Some items feature two prints in one for double the fun, like reversible toddler blankets with contrast backing and trim.

Our Kickee Pants sale starts when pre-orders begin on December 15 at midnight PST. We sold out of many classic prints from Kickee Pants fall collection, so pre sale orders are a good way to ensure you get the prints you want. Visit us again in December and snag these classics before they’re gone for good!

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