Cotton or Bamboo Baby Clothes? It’s up to you!

On 19th Dec 2016

At Two Birdees, we pride ourselves on finding the best organic baby clothes for your little birdees to wear. Since the best clothing comes from the best fabric, we only carry safe and eco friendly fibers. The two most popular fabrics in eco friendly baby clothes today are bamboo and organic cotton. Newborn clothes stores have carried cotton for decades for its long wearing reliability. Bamboo infant clothing burst onto the scene fairly recently, but it has already become a favorite of eco friendly parents everywhere. Brand leader KicKee Pants (formerly Kicky Pants) baby clothes have been spotted on the kids of celebrities. But which fabric is right for your child?

Both cotton and bamboo are sturdy, soft and sustainable, but each has unique features, and it can be tough for first timers to know which will be right for their baby. We’ve rounded up some facts to highlight the best parts about each fabric and help you make the choice!

Durability: Cotton is a mainstay in the baby clothing field for a reason; it’s super durable. Cotton plants have long fibers that weave together smoothly, avoiding most of the fraying and breakage that causes short-fiber fabrics to wear thin and develop holes over time. Not that bamboo is fragile: the fabric has great stretch compared to cotton, allowing your little ones to move freely. As long as bamboo garments are washed correctly, they can still last through multiple babies. Which brings up our next point…

Ease of Care: Both cotton and bamboo are easy to wash, but they require gentle treatment. Both should be machine washed in cool water. Cotton can survive accidentally being tossed in a hot washer with less damage than bamboo, but it’s generally a good idea to wash your little birdee’s organic clothing in cool or cold. Cotton is also better able to withstand a warm dryer, but the trade-off is that it wrinkles easily, while bamboo fabric is fairly wrinkle resistant. Bamboo fabric should be tumble dried on your dryer’s lowest setting, or laid flat to air dry.

Softness: Too close to call. It depends on whether you prefer the slightly fuzzy softness of washed cotton or the sleek smoothness of bamboo. Decisions, decisions.

Eco Friendliness: Both bamboo and cotton can be grown and harvested according to organic and earth friendly farming practices. But bamboo has some qualities that stand out. Bamboo isn’t actually a tree, but a fast growing grass that needs very little water or nutrients to thrive. It grows so quickly, in fact, that making clothing from the fibers makes sense from an eco friendly standpoint. One of the reasons bamboo grows so well is that it naturally repels fungus and most insects that could cause the plants harm. As long as proper care is taken when turning the bamboo fibers into fabric, the fabric retains these abilities. That makes bamboo fabric naturally hypoallergenic, and ideal for babies with allergy concerns.

Cotton and bamboo baby clothes both have great qualities. If you still can’t decide which is the best fit for your little one, visit the Two Birdees shop and have a look around. We carry cotton and bamboo eco friendly / organic infant clothing from top brands like KicKee Pants and Huxbaby. And with our Pre Black Friday Sale on through Nov. 25, there’s never been a better time to sample both kinds of fabric for yourself!