Hazel Village: Making toys into Heirlooms

On 19th Oct 2017

Here at Two Birdees, we’re practically drowning in clothes. Collecting the best organic/eco friendly baby clothes from all over the world takes a lot of our time. Lucky for us, it’s what we love! Still, it’s nice to sometimes have a little fun. That’s why today’s spotlight is about Hazel Village organic cotton toys. These crazy cute stuffed dolls make safe, cuddly companions for your little ones. If that’s not enough, the brand’s back story is almost as charming as the tales of Hazel Village itself.

Hazel Village creator Jane Van Cleef sewed her first plush toy in her Brooklyn apartment back in 2010. Her goal was to make the kind of doll she would have loved to play with as a child: soft, cuddly, and with an awesome outfit. As Jane sewed, she started telling herself the story of Hazel Village and all the friendly animals that lived there. People loved the toys and the stories, and in just seven years, Hazel Village has grown from a craft fair booth into a successful business featured in magazines like Simple Living, Parents, and Vogue.com.

Two Birdees already carried several Hazel Village organic toys, including Owen Fox and Penelope Rabbit  

Now we’re pleased to announce those toys have some new friends! The gentle Phoebe Fawn conducts the Hazel Village orchestra, and inspires the other animals to dance with her lovely melodies; Max Raccoon loves to find interesting things around the village and give them to other animals as gifts; hungry Gracie Cat is always ready to catch some fish;and Zoe Rabbit is forever growing the perfect garden. All these and more friends await in the mythical land of Hazel Village, though they can also be found in the Two Birdees shop.


Hazel Village toys are all made with certified 100% organic cotton fleece. In addition, all the Hazel Village animals arrive in their own unique outfit with velcro closures, so their clothes can be easily removed and washed or swapped out with clothes from other Hazel Village toys. Each doll is shipped in a reusable cotton bag perfumed with a sachet of mint and lavender.

Two Birdees also carries eco friendly toys from other brands, such as Apple Park and Finn and Emma. And of course, we carry a wide range of organic baby clothes,from breezy bamboo baby clothes by Kickee Pants and super stylish European baby fashions from Mayoral! Check out our Kickee Pants sale items and other cool stuff in our shop right now, and have a great day!