How to Clean Bamboo Clothes and Blankets from Kickee Pants

How to Clean Bamboo Clothes and Blankets from Kickee Pants

Posted by Two Birdees On 8th Nov 2016 In Kickee Pants, Viscose from Bamboo, Eco-friendly Baby Clothes

Here at Two Birdees, we’re not shy about how much we love Kickee Pants. The line of bamboo baby clothes is naturally silky soft and resistant to bacteria and static both. But one great aspect of these eco friendly baby clothes we don’t often mention is how easy they are to care for. Here’s a short guide to keeping your baby’s bamboo clothes looking like new, in a few easy steps:

  • Keep it natural. Kickee Pants clothes are made from 95% viscose from bamboo. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile, like linen, and requires similar care. Kickee Pants can be washed by machine using cold water on a gentle cycle. If your bamboo infant clothing is badly soiled, you can use warm water. Never use hot water, which could lead to shrinkage. To further avoid shrinkage, Kickee Pants organic baby clothes should be tumble dried on low heat.
  • Pick the right bleach. There are two common types of bleach: chlorine and non-chlorine, or oxygen based, bleach. Chlorine bleach is stronger and works to lift stains more quickly, but it can also be destructive. Kickee Pants bamboo infant clothing doesn’t react well with chlorine bleach, which can damage the fibers of the fabric. Instead, use an oxygen based bleach product (Oxi Clean is a popular example). Try to use as little as possible to get the fabric clean while keeping it strong.
  • Straighten up. Ironing Kickee Pants can be a delicate process. The best way to avoid wrinkling is to take the clothes straight from the washing machine and spread them out on a flat surface to dry. Alternately, you could hang them from a clothesline in a way that doesn’t create wrinkles. If ironing is still needed once the clothes are dry, choose a low heat setting with no steam. Don’t use a hot dryer to get wrinkles out, or the bamboo fabric could shrink.

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