How to Layer Winter Clothes for Children

On 4th Feb 2018

Baby, it’s cold outside. As temperatures drop, it gets harder to find sturdy winter baby clothes that will keep your little one warm outside while being easily removed once they’re back inside. The solution we use on our own two birdees is layering. Layering lightweight items onto your little ones is key to keeping them comfortable in winter. We’re here to show you how.

At Two Birdees, we pride ourselves on collecting the very best eco friendly baby clothes and affordable organic baby clothes from around the world and bringing them to you for your online shopping convenience. Here are some sample layered outfits made from our finest baby eco clothing. Enjoy!

Infants: The littlest birdees are often the most challenging to dress. Ease of dressing and removal are important so you can quickly add or remove a layer to make your baby comfortable in each new environment/temperature, before they get fussy.

Start with a one piece base layer; separates tend to bunch up underneath other fabrics, which can leave your baby’s tummy exposed to cold air. Huxbaby makes a wonderful long romper in breathable organic cotton with a bright silver Hux Bear head splashed on the front. Huxbaby’s unisex baby clothes are stylish and eco friendly at the same time. In fact, their clothes are so breathable that it’s safe to top that long sleeved base layer with another Huxbaby favorite: Their space zip long romper, which features a front zipper from neck to ankle for easy changing.

When it’s time for outdoor adventures; enter Mayoral’s baby boy knit pullover in cream for serious warmth. Mayoral has been a leader in European baby fashion for over 70 years, so they know how to do warmth right. The pullover’s wool blend fabric holds heat while still retaining softness. Bamboo socks from Kickee Pants and a cozy Huxbaby pilot hat with adorable bear ears add extra warmth to your baby’s top and bottom. A Kickee Pants swaddling blanket tucked around the body completes the outfit. KP swaddling blankets are single layer of dreamy softness, which is also breathable, thanks to the remarkable nature of their bamboo fabric.

Toddlers: Older kids need layers, too, but moms face the added challenge of finding clothes that will allow their adventurous toddlers plenty of movement as well as warmth. Stretchy pants like Huxbaby’s gender neutral drop crotch pants or Mayoral’s lovely jeggings will keep them cozy as they run around the playground. Up top, a breathable long sleeved top like the upper half of a Kickee Pants 2 piece pajama set adds a pop of colorful print while the soft bamboo viscose fabric holds in the heat.

A good vest will keep their torso warm while leaving their arms free to open presents, make snowballs, and other great winter activities. Mayoral children’s clothing has fantastic vests for girls and boys, like this poly fleece lined polar vest or the oh-so-fluffy faux fur vest in rose from Mayoral girls. Darling accessories like this Huxbaby cotton angle hat or a Mayoral beanie, scarf, and gloves set will provide all the extra warmth they need while still looking adorable.

No matter what strategy you use to dress your little birdees for winter, Two Birdees has you covered. We carry top brands of natural, organic baby clothing from fabric innovators like Kickee Pants, as well as toys and accessories like the darling dolls of Hazel Village. We always strive to bring you the best, so check our shop page for new items and our sale page for new deals. Thanks for reading!

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