How to swaddle a baby? Everything a Swaddling Mom Should Know!

How to swaddle a baby? Everything a Swaddling Mom Should Know!

Most women underestimate the benefits of swaddling a sleeping baby until they have their first child. After plenty of sleep deprivation and trying to soothe a seemingly colicky newborn, learning how to swaddle will quickly prove to be effective by helping the child sleep for longer periods of time. For the first 60 days of a newborn's life, swaddling could mean more sleep for the young baby and a "life saving" technique for the new mom! The practice dates back to 4000 B.C and helps the child to feel secure by tightly wrapping the baby in swaddles such as Kickee Pants stretch bamboo blankets or aden & anais muslin blankets, with fabric that is safe and gentle to use on newborn's sensitive skin.

how to swaddle my baby and benefits

Swaddling mimics the feeling of being in the womb, allowing the child to feel safe and secure in the material throughout the day without feeling alone. Being tightly wrapped in a soft fabric material also helps the baby to stay put as they sleep instead of having spontaneous movements occur, which will cause them to wake up more and feel uncomfortable. This helps both the child and mother sleep more soundly before a routine is established once they're older.

Although it can be challenging to bring a baby home from the hospital due to their sleep patterns that often cause them to wake up every two hours, swaddling with aden & anais bamboo or cotton muslin blankets will prove to offer a bit of relief by helping babies to sleep longer. Both Mom and Dad will be able to get a few extra hours of shuteye during the night and the baby will have a higher chance of getting into a normal sleep pattern as they develop in the first few months. Kickee Pants and aden & anais blankets are also trendy and fun with their individual prints and makes those restful sleeps a good photo moment!

One of the most important parts of swaddling a baby is to use breathable blankets that will keep the child warm without causing them to overheat in the material. This will help the child sleep soundly in all type of weathers and will help to keep them cool for long periods of time as most of babies tend to sweat a lot (!). Babies often become warm easily in the first few months of their life due to a nervous system that is still developing. This makes it important to purchase aden + anais cotton or bamboo muslin blankets or

Kickee Pants stretch bamboo stroller or swaddling blankets for both brands offer quality fabric materials that are ultra soft against the baby's delicate skin and both are extremely breathable!

Some parents may wonder if swaddling is safe for their baby with the tight wrap that keeps the newborn snug. Fortunately, the practice is widely used and often begins in the hospital when the nurses wrap the baby right after they're born. This helps to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as the child is placed on their back for added peace of mind for the parents. Experts recommend that babies are only swaddled in the first two months of their life to prevent disrupting a baby's natural desire to begin to roll or move more as they develop. The AAP also suggests that swaddling should only be done when the baby is laid on their back, which will prevent suffocating. The crib should also be free of any loose blankets, toys, or pillows as the baby is swaddled during the night.

A pacifier can also be used when swaddling a baby in newborn bamboo or muslin blankets to soothe the child during naps and bedtimes. This will help to comfort the child and allow them to feel secure as they're tightly wrapped in Kickee Pants blankets.

Swaddling is easy to do in just seconds by folding one corner of the breathable blankets inward over the child. The baby will then need to be placed face-up on the blanket before they're properly wrapped in the material. The baby's head should be above the folded corner to prevent wrapping any part of the face. Both moms and dads can hold the baby's right arm down as the right corner of the blanket is folded over. The corner should then be tucked underneath the baby's back to secure it and prevent the newborn bamboo or muslin blanket from becoming loose if the baby wiggles or moves. Parents can then tuck in the left side of the swaddling blanket by holding down the child's left arm and pulling the bottom over the baby's shoulder. The material should be tightly wrapped but should still leave room near the legs to allow the child to kick back and forth if they desire. Finally, the last step involves bringing the right corner of the material out then over the baby's chest before wrapping it into the other part of the blanket in the back. Safety pins are not needed to secure the swaddling blankets if the material is wrapped tight enough and folded in the right places.

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Although it may be difficult to practice swaddling a newborn in the beginning stages, it's an easy skill to learn and master over time and should be performed on a frequent basis before the child is put down to sleep. For mothers who are still unsure if they're wrapping the blanket correctly, a hospital nurse can help assist the parent in the lesson before leaving to take the newborn baby home. Swaddling is easy to perform with various types of blankets, which includes everything from Kickee Pants stretch bamboo stroller and/or swaddling blankets to aden & anais cotton or bamboo muslin blankets.

For new mothers who are looking to use the best type of materials and products on their child, Two Birdees is an online baby boutique that sells some of the top baby brands. Their commitment to safety and quality allows customers to shop for natural baby products that can be trusted and for materials that are always gentle on a baby's skin.

For swaddling, two different types of blankets are available on Two Birdees, which includes stroller blankets and swaddling blankets. Stroller blankets are thicker with their material and are twice as thick as swaddling blankets. Stroller blankets are ideal to use in colder climates or seasons to ensure that the baby stays comfortable in low temperatures. They can also be used as a normal blanket while taking the child on a walk in their stroller. This offers extra versatility with the product as the child develops in their first years of life. For girls, the Kickee Pants stroller blanket comes with ruffles for a sweet detail that makes the product unique and stylish. Although Kickee Pants stroller blankets are thicker, they are still breathable and stretchy to ensure that they will stay tightly wrapped around the baby when it's used to swaddle the child.

Swaddling blankets differ from stroller blankets because they're lighter in their design with a single layer of fabric. They're often used as a lightweight swaddling blanket that is ideal in the spring and summer seasons to ensure that the newborn stays cool as they're tightly wrapped in warm weather. Many mothers also use swaddling blankets on floors where children can play with toys while laying on the material. If mothers need to change the baby while away from home, the swaddling blanket can be laid down in a public area to protect the baby from germs. Babies love the blankets just as much as Mom for the soft texture that is gentle on their skin. The fabric is also easy to stretch, making it pliable to wrap around the baby as they grow without having difficulty securing it in the back. This also ensure that the baby doesn't feel too restricted if they want to stretch or kick their feet a bit.

All of the whimsical and playful designs on the blankets make it easy to pair the products with Kickee Pants coveralls, converter gowns, and even pajamas due to matching prints that look adorable. New moms can enjoy dressing their baby up in the cutest baby outfits while also offering what is the best for the baby!

Some of the most popular prints on Kickee Pants include Peacock Tree Canopy, Lotus Blooms, Natural Honeycomb, Lotus Blackbird, and Rain Blackbird from fall 1, for various designs that suit different aesthetics. Each of the prints stand out for their originality and youthful style that enhances the wardrobe of any child for added innocence.

These swaddling and stroller blankets make for the best baby shower gifts that other expectant mothers can enjoy using as their newborn grows older. Some of the Fall 2 collection prints include Girl Dino Print, Boy Dino Print, Peacock Mammoth, and Natural Megalodon, also known as prehistoric sharks or the biggest sharks ever lived! This will allow the baby's clothes to be appropriate for the season with an eye-catching style that is refreshingly trendy and unique. The blankets are perfect to include in a gift set or to add to a baby registry for family and friends who want to give the perfect product.

Kickee Pants swaddling and stroller blankets are so popular. They are often sold out everywhere soon after hitting the shelves. The best way to ensure you get your hands on one or two is through pre-ordering. Two Birdees is here to help and delight with our exceptional customer services!