Huxbaby Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

On 4th Dec 2017

What’s warm and cool at the same time? New winter looks from Huxbaby organic baby clothes! The brand’s daring unisex baby clothes will make any kid look cool, while their layer ready leggings, sweats, and long sleeved onesies are sure to keep your little birdees warm in the chilly weather. In fact, a Huxbaby outfit might just be the perfect children’s holiday present. Here’s why...

High Quality, High Style: Huxbaby’s natural, organic baby clothes are made of ultra soft organic cotton that’s easy to wash and eco friendly at the same time. Huxbaby sticks to a minimalist philosophy in both the design and color of their clothes. Simple silhouettes and coordinating colors of black, gray and fawn make it easy to layer and put together outfits from their clothes. The occasional pop of metallic color, like the shiny graphic on this Hux bear Tee style long romper, keeps Huxbaby online urban kidswear minimalist without being boring.

Unisex is Best: Who doesn’t love a versatile present? Since most Huxbaby pieces work equally well on boys or girls, they make great choices for secret santa presents or as charity donations when you don’t know the gender of the recipient. Items like this knit jumper and these drop crotch pants look awesome on anyone. Plus, if one child outgrows a Huxbaby item, it can easily be handed down to a younger sibling, regardless of whether it’s a brother or a sister. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Unique Designs: Huxbaby clothing is always distinctive. From the shoulder seam ruffles of this dalmatian frill dress to the cool print and asymetrical zipper on this space zip long romper, there’s always some element of Huxbaby design that’s like nothing we’ve seen before. If you want your little one to make a splash on the playground, a holiday present from Huxbaby is the way to go.

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