Is Bamboo Baby Clothing Only Good for Warm Weather?

On 21st Jul 2018 In Bamboo Baby Clothing

One thing that people associate bamboo baby clothing with is the summer. Some people think the fabric is great for warm weather baby clothing but cannot be worn during the winter. There are many reasons why bamboo organic baby clothing is good year-round. 

Why is Bamboo Great for Warm and Cold Weather?

There is a good reason why bamboo fabric is ideal for warm weather baby clothing; for one, the fabric naturally wicks sweat away from the skin. Sweat helps you cool down, but you also do not want that sweat to linger too long. Some synthetic clothes trap moisture and makes sweat stay on the skin longer than it needs to. This could lead to all sorts of issues such as sweat stains, skin rashes, or simple skin irritation. 

Bamboo baby clothing is naturally breathable so it helps sweat evaporate as it should, helping your baby stay cool during those hot summer days. 

Another reason why bamboo fabric is great is its natural feel. Synthetic fabrics feel sticky at times and that is an uncomfortable feeling when you are under the hot sun. Cotton retains moisture, making clothes feel damp and that is not comfortable either. Bamboo doesn't retain moisture like that, so your baby gets to feel dry during hot, humid days. 

Yes, there is no doubt that bamboo is great for the summer but it can also be considered great cold weather baby clothing. You might not think so, but your baby still sweats in the winter, and this moisture could make your baby feel colder when the temperature drops. Most synthetic fabrics trap moisture inside, making you feel colder but bamboo wicks it off. It is this feature that makes bamboo perfect for cold weather baby clothing. 

Bamboo is ideal because it traps warm air in cold weather and cold air when it gets hot. 
Now, it is important to get bamboo clothing made by the right brands who care to deliver quality like Kickee Pants to enjoy some of these benefits. 

Additional Reasons Why Bamboo is Right for Your Baby 

Now, you have reasons to buy your child organic baby clothing made from bamboo for the warmer and colder seasons, but the truth is that there are reasons to make bamboo an all-year fabric. 

The following are additional benefits worth considering: 

  • Naturally Antibacterial 
    Babies are prone to infections, so you need do everything you can to keep your kid safe. One thing you can do for your baby is have him or her wear bamboo. 
    The fabric, when it has not been altered by manufacturers, contains bamboo-kun. This is an antibacterial ingredient inside bamboo that helps prevent bacteria from developing. The only problem is that some manufacturers remove this ingredient, so make sure you find out before purchasing your bamboo-based baby clothing. 
  • Environmentally-Friendly 
    Another benefit of bamboo-based clothing is that it comes from a plant that can be grown in a sustainable way. Your baby may not be able to understand that at the moment, but he or she is helping you reduce your family's carbon footprint. 
    You should keep in mind that taking this step does benefit your baby. It is his or her future that sustainable-living is attempting to make better. Some bamboo clothing may be a little more expensive, but preserving the future is worth it. 
  • Protects Against UV Rays 
    Your baby is still developing and needs all the help you can provide. One thing that may hurt your child is overexposure to UV rays. You probably already do your best to stay under shade, but that does not mean there are no additional steps to take. 
    Bamboo is an additional step you can take. When bamboo is processed right, it retains UV protective properties. This means that it will act like an additional protective layer against the sun for you baby. You might also want to consider this benefit because a healthy parent will benefit your baby, too. 

Hopefully, some of these points make it easier for you to stick to bamboo-based clothing for your baby. As you can see, there are reasons beyond the seasons to make bamboo fabric the go-to fabric for your entire family. You may also want to learn about the Softest Baby Pajama in the world here.