Is Organic Cotton Worth It?

Posted by Twobirdees On 3rd Sep 2018 In Organic Cotton benefits

While buying organic baby clothes will cost you a little bit more than it would otherwise, it's always worth the extra expense, and there are many reasons for why organic cotton is best. Not only does buying organic cotton allow you to avoid non-organic cotton dangers, but it's also beneficial for the environment. 

Should Adults And Older Children Wear Organic Cotton?

Non-organic cotton can have harmful effects on people of all ages, and some chemicals on non-organic cotton are thought to increase your risk of cancer! Luckily, there are many types of organic cotton clothes available for people of all ages, and here are a few of the reasons why organic cotton is best for babies and adults alike: 

You Have No Idea How Non-Organic Cotton Was Produced

While clothing manufacturers will tell you what type of fabric your clothing is made out of, they're unlikely to tell you anything about how it was manufactured. However, there will never be pesticides on clothes from Two Birdees! 

It's More Than Pesticides That You Need To Worry About

Many brands of clothing that are made with non-organic cotton have been sprayed with a flame retardant, and these chemicals are known to cause substantial health problems for some people. Here are some examples of health problems that flame retardants can cause: 

  • Thyroid problems
  • Cognitive problems
  • Developmental delays that can be mental and/or physical in nature
  • Early onset of puberty

However, you can be sure that there aren't flame retardants on clothes from Two Birdees. In addition, non-organic cotton is sometimes processed in conditions that aren't sanitary, and this can cause pests to come into contact with your baby's clothes. This can cause illness, and babies are especially vulnerable to some of these pest-borne diseases. 

Organic Cotton Is Often More Durable

Often, organic cotton is manufactured to a higher quality standard than non-organic cotton, and this often makes it more durable. Due to the improved durability, buying organic cotton clothes can be cost-effective. 

Organic Clothing Is Easier On Your Baby's Skin

The chemicals on non-organic cotton can irritate the sensitive skin of babies. Luckily, Two Birdees baby clothes are designed to be exceptionally gentle on your baby's developing skin, and babies often prefer wearing organic cotton. 

Organic Cotton Is Good For The Environment

Non-organic cotton farms often cause considerable damage to the environment. This is especially true when non-organic cotton is grown in countries that lack environmental regulations, and some of the pesticides that are used in the process of growing non-organic cotton are known to be extremely dangerous to birds and aquatic life. However, organic cotton farming doesn't cause environmental damage, and you can be sure that Two Birdees baby clothes are produced in a way that is entirely environmentally friendly. 

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