Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection

Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection

On 17th Feb 2016

Parents who are excited to spend more time outdoors with their little ones in the coming season can enjoy dressing their children in cotton baby clothes, organic infant clothing, and Kicky Pants stretch bamboo baby clothes with exciting new styles that will be fun to show off. The first Kickee Pants collection of the year will be released on February 15th with much anticipation for fresh new prints and innovative designs with the theme of "Our Animal Friends" for the Spring 2 Collection. Parents can expect a wide variety of designs that make for comfortable eco-friendly baby and toddler clothing and accessories that moms will swoon over.

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	The new collection that is scheduled to be released on Two Birdees has had moms on the edge of their seats in recent weeks with anticipation to see the latest Kickee Pants items that will soon be available. You'll get the chance to transition your little ones out of their heavy jackets and into breathable materials with cute baby clothes that are lightweight and adapt to your child's every movement.</p><p>
	The inspiration behind the Spring 2 Collection is based on the series

The main styles in the Spring 2 collection include swaddlers, strollers, coveralls, footies, and two-piece pajamas, swing dresses that each offers a playful and unique design for the top stretch bamboo baby clothing brand.

Kickee Pants Fitted Crib Sheets

One of the best baby gifts to give from the Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection on Two Birdees is the fitted crib sheet, which will add a whimsical look in any little girl's or little boy's room or nursery. The sheets are available for baby girls in Thistle, Girl Animal Stripe, Natural, Natural Ladybug, Lotus, and Lotus Panda. For baby boys, these styles are being offered: Pond, Pond Sunshine Lion, Natural, Boy Animal Stripe, Jade, and Jade Panda. This makes for the perfect eco-friendly baby product to give to a loved one, which will allow the child to breathe well while napping on safe and silky soft fabrics as she/he sleeps.

Kickee Pants Dresses and Coveralls

The Spring 2 Collection includes short sleeve swing dresses that are available on Two Birdees in sizes 6-12M to 4T for the perfect outfit to wear outside when the sun begins to shine bright. Your daughter can feel cool wearing the dress in prints that include Calypso Hedgehog, Calypso Hippo, Thistle Monkey, and Melody Giraffe. The ruffle bamboo print coverall is another popular style in sizes 0-3M to 4T. These feature adorable peekaboo details on the butt with extra ruffle details that show off the child's tush. The long-sleeve ruffle coveralls are available in Girl Bubble Elephant, Lotus Turtle, Natural Ladybug, and Lotus Panda for the perfect bamboo coveralls that can be worn throughout the year. The ruffle footies are also similar in style but comes with extra fabric that covers the feet for added comfort. Again, moms cannot resist the beautiful designs of Lotus Panda, Calypso Hippo, Lotus Turtle, and Natural Ladybug.

Kickee Pants boys coverall is another popular item in the collection in a number of super adorable prints in sizes 0-3M to 4T. Parents can choose from Oasis Hippo, Jade Panda, Pond Sunshine Lion, Peacock Hedgehog, and Peacock Multi Animal. Two Birdees made sure that there is something exciting awaiting every parent!

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Kickee Pants Layette Gown Converter & Knot Hat Set

Those who want to indulge in more ruffles with baby gifts for girls can choose from a variety of prints that are available with the ruffle layette gown converter and knot hat set. These make for the most fashionable baby pajamas in prints that include Girl Bubble Elephant, Girl Animal Stripe, Melody Giraffe, and Calypso Hippo.

The baby layette gown converters for boys also comes with knot hat sets for adorable items that make for a complete outfit to wear out on the town or when lounging at home. This style is available in 0-3M and 3-6M in Jade Panda, Peacock Multi Animal, Pond Sunshine Lion, Peacock Hedgehog, and Pond Giraffe.

Kickee Pants Kimono Newborn Gift Set

The ruffle kimono newborn gift set for girls is available in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months for the perfect take me home outfit or a cherishable outfit for a new baby before she learns to crawl! Choose from Calypso Hedgehog, Melody Giraffe, Natural Ladybug, Lotus Panda and Girl Bubble Elephant.

The Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection on Two Birdees wouldn't be complete without the kimono newborn gift set for boys, which is sold in 0-3 months, and 3-6 months. These all feature eclectic styles of animal prints with Peacock Hedgehog, Pond Giraffe, Pond Sunshine Lion, Jade Panda, and Peacock Multi Animal.

Kickee Pants Underwear

When you're creating a baby gift set, be sure to include underwear for little girls, which come in sets of two. The Calypso Hedgehog print is paired with Melody Peacock and the Natural Ladybug comes with the Lotus Turtle in 2T/3T, 3T/4T, and 5/6. Little girls who are learning how to potty train can move up to comfortable training pants sets in sizes 2T/3T. These are available in sets of two in Girl Bubble Elephant & Thistle Monkey, and Calypso Hippo & Melody Giraffe.

The training pants for boys are also available in sets of two and are adorable undergarments for your little one to wear when he's off on a new adventure at home. They're available in 2T/3T in Peacock Hedgehog and Pond Sunshine Lion or Boy Bubble Elephant and Pond Giraffe. Boxer brief sets are also one of the very popular items from Kickee Pants in sets of two with Oasis Monkey and Jade Turtle or Boy Animal Stripe and Peacock Multi Animal.

Kickee Pants Stroller and Swaddling Blankets

The ruffle stroller baby blanket is girly and sweet in Calypso, Natural Ladybug, Melody, Thistle, and Melody Giraffe. These are ideal for cooler spring days when taking walks in the park to keep your child warm.

The bamboo swaddling blanket is also a new item to order in the Spring 2 Collection on Two Birdees in adorable prints the allow you to choose from Natural Ladybug, Lotus Turtle, Lotus Panda, Calypso Hippo, Calypso Hedgehog, Thistle Monkey, Girl Bubble Elephant, Melody Giraffe, and Girl Animal Stripe.

The stroller blanket baby product for boys is also a hot product and is available in Jade, Peacock Multi Animal, Peacock, Oasis, and Pond Giraffe in one size. This item is perfect to take on the go when heading out or to use as a perfect weight blanket when you're away from home.

The swaddling blanket is another addition in the Spring 2 Collection in Pond Giraffe, Pond Sunshine Lion, Peacock Multi Animal, Oasis Monkey, Jade Turtle, Jade Panda, Boy Animal Stripe, Oasis Hippo, and Peacock Hedgehog. The swaddling blankets help to mimic the feeling of being in the womb, which helps to soothe colicky babies and allow them to sleep more soundly during the night.

Kickee Pants Footies

Kickee Pants footies make for awesome baby clothes and are available in 0-3M to 4T. For the girls' styles, each one is available in Calypso Hedgehog, Melody Giraffe, Girl Bubble Elephant, Thistle Monkey. The product is easy to change your infant in and out of quickly when it's time for a diaper change due to the multiple buttons that connect from the neckline down to the knees. This makes it easy to get the child in and out of their clothes in seconds.

When you want your infant to feel snug and comfortable as they sleep or learn to crawl, you can opt for the newly released Kickee Pants footies for boys, which range in size from 0-3M to 4T. The fashionable baby clothes come in prints that include Oasis Hippo, Oasis Monkey, Jade Turtle, Peacock Hedgehog, Boy Bubble Elephant, and Pond Giraffe.

Kickee Pants Bib Set

One of the top styles to be released in the Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection on Two Birdees are the bibs for boys, which are available in sets of three. These items will protect your child's cute baby clothes from messy foods when they eat or from excessive drool as they teeth. The products are available in Oasis Monkey, Jade Panda, and Peacock Multi Animal in one set. The second set includes Boy Animal Stripe, Peacock Hedgehog, and Pond Giraffe for playful prints that celebrate more time spent outdoors.

The baby girl bibs are also set to be a hit with each set that is available in Lotus Turtle, Natural Ladybug, and Calypso Hippo. The second set includes Girl Bubble Elephant, Melody Giraffe, and Thistle Monkey.

Kickee Pants Polo Rompers

The polo rompers that are available in the collection for boys are the perfect item to wear in the backyard or to the zoo as the weather becomes warmer. These feature adorable collars and short-sleeves in Jade Panda, Boy Animal Stripe, Oasis Monkey, and Peacock Multi Animal. This style of romper is available in 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. The kangaroo rompers are similar in style but feature a small pocket on the front. Mothers can choose from Jade Turtle, Peacock Hedgehog, Boy Bubble Elephant, and Pond Sunshine Lion.

Kickee Pants Ruffle Rompers

Baby girls will look and feel their best during hot summer days with ruffle rompers that are available in Natural Ladybug, Lotus Turtle, and Melody Peacock on Two Birdees.

Rompers are one of the best investments moms can make while embracing and preparing ahead for the hot summer days. It can easily be the perfect outfit for a trip to the playground or the stand out clothing to wear to a party when accessorized with a cute pair of sandals and what else, hair bows!

Two Birdees: the Ultimate Destination for Kickee Pants

Kickee Pants Spring 2 will prove to be one of the most successful and popular seasonal releases from the children's clothing brand. Two Birdees is so proud to be able to offer moms the largest selection of Kickee Pants at never above retail prices. Come to join so many moms that are already part of our Two Birdees' family!