Kickee Pants Spring 3 Collection Now Available on Two Birdees Online Infant Clothing Store

Posted by Twobirdees On 2nd Jul 2016

As one of the most fashionable and kid-friendly brands on Two Birdees, Kicky Pants bamboo baby clothes are a hit among moms who want to dress their kids in adorable bamboo baby clothes. Many fans of the brand have been anticipating the release of the Spring 3 Collection in the new year, which features classic storybook characters and spring themes that are centered around fantasy and fairytales. The prints are available in a variety of styles that make it easy for kids to look adorable when playing on the swings at the park or exploring the great outdoors while on different adventures.

Kickee Pants Spring 3 Collection Bamboo Infant Clothing Print Styles

One of the most popular styles that is available in the Kickee Pants Spring 3 Collection are coveralls, which are sold in the Baby Fairies print and feature girly ruffles on the arms, legs, on the front of the garment, and on the back butt flap. The coveralls are comfortable and are easy to stay warm in on cool spring nights when temperatures begin to drop again. They're also easy to unsnap down the front when it's time for a quick diaper change.

Kickee Pants footies are another addition in the most recent collection, which are easy to wear around the house or when heading out for a walk in the stroller. The prints that are available in this design include the Prancing Pegasus, which is perfect for little girls who want to use their imagination during playtime. The purple and pink fabric is made from 95 percent bamboo and five percent lycra. It's naturally soft, which will avoid rashes or irritations on your child's sensitive skin as they sleep or play in the item.

Two-piece pjs are also a hit for both boys and girls who can enjoy falling into a deep slumber while snuggled in their comfortable clothes. The Spring 3 Collection features a variety of different prints with short sleeve pjs that are sold to suit each personality for various ages. The pajama sets are available in Little Kittens' Lost Mittens, Prancing Pegasus, Citronella Hey Diddle Diddle, and Cloud Dragon. The cartoon designs feature plenty of color shades that allow the garments to stand out and will easily become a fixture in your child's wardrobe during the spring season.

The Kickee Pants Short Sleeve Print Tee in Cloud Dragon can also be worn during the day or when it's time to hit the hay with the dramatic dragon design that is both edgy and whimsical. This can easily be worn with the Cloud Dragon boxer briefs, which are included in a set and can be used once your little man has passed potty training and is no longer having accidents during the night. They're stylish enough to be worn under a pair of pants or on their own while around the house.

Kicky Pants Baby Clothes Styles to Pick Out for Spring

The Kickee Pants bib sets are one of the main accessories in the new collection and are perfect for days when your little birdee is drooling from teething or needs to protect their cotton baby clothes from stains. The sets include three different bibs in designer prints that include Prancing Pegasus, Baby Fairies, and Fairytale Stripe. Other sets that are available include the Sea Monster print, Beanstalk, and Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Little girls will look adorable wearing patterns that include Garden Gate Lattice, Swan Princess, and Little Bo Peep. They'll enjoy pointing at each character on their clothes with a design that is sweet and innocent to match their unique personality.

Spring wouldn't be the same without celebrating the season with lovely swing dresses that are made for little girls. Every little girl will feel extra special as the dress moves with their every swirl. The dresses offer a high level of breathability when it's time to play in the backyard or soak up the sun at the park. The items can also be worn as children begin to grow and can even be used eventually as a top when the garment becomes too short. Swing dresses in the Spring 2 Collection are available in a variety of different prints, which includes Little Bo Peep, Baby Fairies and Winter Rose Hey Diddle Diddle. Swing dresses also make for the perfect outfit to wear when they're accessorized with delicate headbands or bows.

Rompers continue to remain a fixture with Two Birdees Kicky Pants baby clothes, which are a must-have in any child's closet for the simple design that is perfect for warmer weather that arrives in spring. The wing romper is ideal for little girls and is sold in the Swan Princess, Kittens' Lost Mittens, Jade Storks and Baby Fairies prints. The garment stands out with the delicate ruffles on the neckline and shoulder straps with lovely swans that are accented on the item. The romper is perfect to pair with Mini Melissa jelly sandals or a big bow to celebrate the joy and sweetness of being a little girl. This clothing item also makes it easy to get dressed in a dash without fussing with multiple clothing items that can make diaper changes a headache.

Polo rompers are a popular choice for little boys who can look like gentlemen in the bamboo baby clothes. The style is unique with the adorable collar that completes the look of the outfit and adds a touch of formality. Your baby can look like a trendsetter with the rompers, which features buttons on the bottoms to make diaper changing easy to complete in seconds.

The Kickee Pants Ruffle Layette Sacks in the Jade Stork and Twilight Stork print are a must-have in the collection for newborns who arrive home from the hospital. The gown allows babies to enjoy plenty of mobility and will look stylish when paired with the matching and comfortable double knot hat that will keep the infant warm. It makes for the perfect item to wear for a newborn baby shoot with the classic design that features plenty of pink ruffles. Although new parents may have difficulty changing diapers for the first time with a newborn baby, the gown makes it easy to unbutton the garment without any struggle during the day and after feedings in the middle of the night.

Kickee Pants Bamboo Infant Clothing Increasing in Popularity

Kicky Pants baby clothes continue to increase in popularity for the bamboo infant clothing that is safe to use on babies as they begin to develop. All of the garments are made from 95 percent bamboo from viscose and five percent lycra, which allows the items to remain pliable to ensure that children can enjoy plenty of mobility without feeling restricted. The products are also thermal regulating, which helps children to stay cool and avoid sweating on warmer days out of the year. The Kickee Pants brand offers clothing that is ideal for babies as their nervous systems begin to develop in the first year to prevent overheating that commonly occurs. This allows your little birdee to stay comfortable and avoid waking up frequently during nap time or in the middle of the night due to a warm temperature.

Kids can enjoy wearing the clothes throughout the day due to the forgiving material that easily moves with children as they learn to crawl or take their first steps. This also makes it easy for the child to avoid feeling restricted as they grow, which ensures that they can wear their coveralls or footies for a longer period of time before moving on to a larger size. The material is also extremely absorbent with spills from bottles or accidents that occur when diapers tend to leak.

Not only do parents enjoy the convenience that comes with the stretchy material of the bamboo baby clothes, but they also have peace of mind knowing their child is safe wearing the products. All of the materials are allergy-reduced, which prevents it from irritating sensitive skin. The fabric is also hypoallergenic and allows children to avoid respiratory issues in the first few months or years of their life as their immune system develops.

Each style that is available through the Kickee Pants brand is unique but still stays fashionably in synch with the latest trends of the season. Little birdees look adorable wearing the bamboo baby clothes in their first photos or while attending a birthday party with styles that are all age-appropriate and each have a unique design.

Kickee Pants clothing is also extremely durable due to the high quality of materials that are used, which allows the items to maintain their appeal with frequent use. This allows them to be passed down to different siblings for hand-me-downs that will continue to look new over the years. The premium clothing will maintain its appeal and will not fade with low temperature machine wash and line or low-temp drying that is recommended.

Many of the Kickee Pants styles that are sold on Two Birdees are also interchangeable, which makes it easy to create different outfits and looks for all occasions. Footies/Coveralls can easily be paired with stylish double knot hats or swing dresses matched with pajama bottoms for a fun way of dressing up your baby from head to toe. Crib sheets and stroller blankets also come in the same coordinated prints through the brand, making it easy to create a complete look that will turn heads and make it easy to show off your little birdee.