Kickee Pants Stretch Bamboo Blankets the Best on Earth

Kickee Pants Stretch Bamboo Blankets the Best on Earth

Kickee Pants Stretch Bamboo Blankets

Expectant mothers may wonder why they would need to add Kickee Pants swaddling blanket to their baby registry, but they are one of the top seller baby shower gifts for a good reason. Welcoming a new baby into the world can be daunting but the transition can be made easier with Kickee Pants stretch bamboo blankets, which keep babies snug during the night and mimic the same feeling of being safe in the womb. This keeps the baby happier and can help soothe them before it's time to go down for a nap.

Swaddling is an important part of a baby's first few months of life by allowing the child to feel snug by keeping their arms and legs close to their body with newborn bamboo blankets. This allows the newborn to sleep for longer stretches of time without waking up as frequently. It can also soothe a fussy or colicky baby and prevent them from becoming irritable during the day or night.

Kickee Pants offers two different types of blankets, which includes stroller blankets and swaddling blankets. Stroller blankets are multi-purpose and two times thicker than swaddling blankets for a heavier swaddling material. Swaddling blankets are lightweight and offer a breathable material that can be used in warmer seasons throughout the year. Each can be interchangeable depending on the climate or weather.

Every new mom should consider incorporating Kickee Pants blankets into their home due to the natural material that is safe on the child. The fabric is made from 95 percent bamboo viscose and five percent lycra for a breathable material that allows the child to stay cool without feeling too warm. It's also extremely soft, which prevents the newborn from becoming fussy and also allows the mother to enjoy cuddling her child when he or she's swaddled. The flexibility of the breathable baby blankets is also enjoyed by newborns because it allows them to stretch without becoming loose or unraveled. Moms can appreciate that the soft baby blankets are secure as the baby will feel cozy without too much restriction.

All of the Kickee Pants blankets are available in whimsical and trendy designs for baby fashion that is eye-catching. Lotus Blooms, Lotus Blackbird, Peacock Tree Canopy, Rain Blackbird, Natural Honeycomb are already proven to be huge hits and they are literally flying off the shelf! The Fall 2 Kickee Pants swaddling & stroller blankets collection does not disappoint either and has adorable designs that includes Natural Megalodon (sharks!), Peacock Mammoth, Boy Dino Print, Girl Dino Print, among others. Who could not use more dinos and sharks right!