​Kickee Pants: Top Bamboo Infant Clothing Items for Babies

​Kickee Pants: Top Bamboo Infant Clothing Items for Babies

On 14th Apr 2016

Viscose bamboo infant clothing continues to increase in popularity and is catching up to the demand of cotton baby clothes for the soft material that is allergy reduced. As more parents limit the amount of chemicals and unnatural products that their children have contact with to protect their health, viscose bamboo is a popular fabric, the same one that is used to make Kickee Pants baby clothes. Not only is the material comfortable on sensitive skin, but it's also antibacterial and offers UV protection by cutting out 97.5 percent of harmful rays. To enjoy protecting your child while still dressing them up in adorable styles, there are a few Kickee Pants clothing items offered by Two Birdees to be added to your child's fashionable wardrobe.

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Swaddle Blankets

Keep your newborn baby secure in a comfortable swaddle blanket that is safe on sensitive skin and will prevent rashes from developing with frequent contact with the buttery material. The bamboo material is also anti-static and has thermo-control to offer plenty of breathability when your child is wrapped snug in the product.

Not only will your infant get into a deeper sleep by feeling safe and warm while wrapped in the fabric, but they'll also look adorable in Kickee Pants Spring 2 Collection prints that include Calypso Hippo, Lotus Panda, Thistle Monkey, Natural Ladybug, and Oasis Monkey, and quite a few other adorable prints. The prints will complement viscose bamboo infant clothing that is worn during the season for eye-catching styles that are plenty youthful with the popular designs.

Swing Dresses

Swing dresses are perfect for the spring and summer season and offer plenty of mobility for little girls with the classic style that is easy to play in. Swing dresses are also easy to continue to be worn as the child begins to grow out of their current size by pairing the clothing item with leggings or shorts that can be worn in future seasons as a top.

The Calypso Hedgehog is one of the popular prints to choose with the swing dress style and is perfect to wear to the park or when heading out for a playdate. The colorful details of the frock make it a girly outfit to wear and is convenient to put on when potty training or changing multiple diapers throughout the day.

Two-Piece PJ Sets

The Kickee Pants Stretch Bamboo Pajama sets are cozy and comfortable for your birdee to wear at night with comfortable clothing that will guarantee a good night's sleep. Your child will enjoy the thermal regulating material, which is soft to the touch and prevents overheating as they sleep. The bamboo material is also allergy reduced and is hypoallergenic to prevent various symptoms of allergies during all seasons.

Two Birdees offers different prints from the Spring 2 Kickee Pants Collection for the two-piece pajama sets, making them easy to mix and match for adorable styles that are interchangeable. The Natural Ladybug print is lovely and feminine with floral and ladybug details that your little girl will love wearing. The Lotus Panda print is also eye-catching with pandas printed on the bottoms and a top that reads, "Pandas do not Hibernate."

For boys, the Jade Panda print is available in a light green shade with a pattern that can match his sister's playful panda pajamas.


Kickee Pants coveralls are also available in bamboo viscose with a style that is easy to dress your wiggly little ones in. The outfit features multiple buttons that begin at the neckline and extend to the left leg, making it easy to change the birdee's diaper in record-time before your little one runs away. The stretchy and breathable material makes it easy for the child to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a product that can be worn around the house.

Stroller Blankets

One of the most popular Kickee Pants items sold on Two Birdees and at infant clothing stores are stroller blankets, which can be used on an everyday basis for children of all ages. Kickee Pants stroller blankets are available in a variety of prints and patterns to suit you and your child's taste in each season.

Although stroller blankets are often considered an item that would be used in the colder months of the year, they also serve a variety of purposes in the summer when spending time outside. It can function as a breathable blanket to be used in the car or while out and about in a stroller. You can enjoy bringing a stroller blanket to the park when you want a safe and soft surface to sit on for you and your child. The product can also be used when changing your child's diaper while you're in a public setting or are at a friend's house to protect the floor and allow your baby to stay comfortable while lying on the porous material.

The Kickee Pants stroller blankets also feature ruffle details for little girls, which makes for the perfect gift to expectant mothers.