KicKee Pants Two-Piece Pajamas Make Great Bamboo Baby Sleepwear

KicKee Pants Two-Piece Pajamas Make Great Bamboo Baby Sleepwear

On 27th Sep 2015

If your baby is on the move, it makes sense to switch to a KicKee Pants two-piece pajama. They need more flexibility in their clothes as they start cruising and exploring. What's sweeter than these short sleeve two-piece pajamas? This bamboo baby clothing is perfect for spring and summer weather, and its breathable materials will help them sleep peacefully.

KicKee Pants Two-Piece Pajamas

Sing your baby off to slumberland in this Print Short Sleeve Pajama Set in Boy Baby Bird. Featuring an adorable bird print of a momma bird feeding her baby bird in the nest with in pastel blues, this PJ set is one of my favorite's from their spring and summer line. Check out the baby bird in the nest print detail on the pajama pants, and white and blue contrast on the ringer tee.

Of course, KicKee Pants is well-known for its bamboo blended fabrics. They're incredibly soft and stretchy, combining the best of both worlds. You can squeeze your little birdee into these PJs and they'll still offer plenty of movement and comfort. And these pajamas are a winner -- literally! Such brand was awarded the 2014 Earnie Award for Best Sleepwear for this bamboo baby wear!

We're also carrying the girl's pajama set, with the same sweet bird print and baby bird in the nest, but in a charming pink hue. If you have one of each, you can dress them in one of each. It's cute without being too saccharine, thanks largely due to the bold graphics on both the pajama pants and the tee.

One of my favorite things about KicKee Pants for my little birdees is how breathable they are. Sometimes, my little one wakes up with a sweaty head. (I know, kids, right?) They can get really uncomfortable at night. I usually run for my stash of KicKee Pants outfits, and suddenly they're able to sleep because the material just breathes better than other kid's clothing. Trust me, your child is going to sleep so soundly in these PJs.

Keep in mind these pajamas are purposefully snug due to safety regulations because this brand doesn't use harmful flame retardant chemicals on these clothes. But what's better, slightly tighter clothes or chemical residue on your baby's skin? If you're concerned, just go up a size or two so they wear a more relaxed fit. That way, you get to still give your baby soft bamboo fabric without harsh chemicals.

We're not just offering KicKee Pants pajamas sets -- we've got even more options! Check out all of our KicKee Pants bamboo clothing for babies, toddlers, and children.