Kissy Kissy: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Children's Wear

Posted by Two Birdees On 18th Jun 2015

When you google “Kissy Kissy”; Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and a small handful of high-end specialty boutiques turn up on your search. Few people may know that the same company that makes Kissy Kissy also provides outfits for the premium layette line that bears the name of one of the most prestigious department stores in the world, namely the Harrods in London.

As a new mom several years back, what first drew me to Kissy Kissy is this mystique and an almost cultish love many moms expressed for this baby layette line that they so much swear by. So what makes so many moms, including myself, fall in love with Kissy Kissy?

Rather than to be explained in words, one simply has to touch and feel a piece of Kissy Kissy footie, kimono tee, or perhaps a convertible gown. The extra long staple fibers of the Peruvian Pima cotton, high luster only found in silk, and baby-esque softness all translate into love at first sight or rather touch!

When examined further, you will begin to notice infinite attention to details the brand has placed on every piece of baby and newborn clothing it offers: delicate and intricate embroideries in the form of sailboats, submarines, animal figures; timeless layette styles that are given so much consideration to the comfort of a young child; endearing prints that compliments the dreaminess of babyhood.

Known for their trademark softness and quality baby and young toddler clothing with fine details, Kissy Kissy has over the years won many Earnie awards for design excellence. Earnie awards carry the equivalent amount of prestige as the Oscars for movies.

Kissy Kissy offers all the essential clothing styles with the same top quality Peruvian Pima cotton in its classic and basic newborn layette line. This line is consisted of footies, kimono tops, matching footed/non-footed pants, onesies/bodysuits,convertible gowns in sweet and simple designs.

Combining the comfort of the softest Peruvian Pima cotton and the sophistication of hand embroideries, Kissy Kissy Premier line offers luxurious and heirloom worthy layette pieces for newborns and babies. 

When you cuddle your newborn baby or young tot in your arms, who is dressed in the softest layette piece from Kissy Kissy, you could not help but to smile more.. So will your baby!