Meet the Animals of Kickee Pants’ Dazzling Deserts

On 9th Mar 2017

To celebrate Kickee Pants’ Spring One collection, Dazzling Deserts, we rounded up some fun facts about the desert dwelling creatures who appear on Kickee Pants’ eco friendly bamboo baby clothes. Gather your little birdees around for a lesson about the cool plants and animals who live in the hottest places in the world, like...

Porcupines live in warm places all over the world. They are best known for the spiky hairs on their backs and tails. Their name means “spiky pig,” but porcupines are actually rodents. American porcupines like to climb trees, but they can be clumsy; they have been known to fall off tree branches and poke themselves with their own quills when they fall! Porcupine quills are coated in antibiotic medicine that keeps the porcupine from getting sick if it trips over its own spiky tail. But don’t worry; the porcupines on the Short Sleeve Swing Dress from Kickee Pants aren’t spiky at all. They’re just as soft and cuddly as every other part of the soft, smooth bamboo viscose fabric.

Armadillos look like they’re wearing a suit of leathery armor. They’re found in the deserts of North and South America. Armadillos aren’t very strong or fast, and they don’t have good eyesight, so they have to protect themselves from predators in other ways. If an armadillo is startled, it will jump 3-4 feet straight up in the air! This is enough to scare away some animals that might want to eat the armadillo, but not all of them. So when the armadillo lands, it will quickly dig a hole to hide itself. Or, if it’s a Three Banded armadillo, it will roll up into a ball that enemies can’t bite through. Get some of the armadillo’s security in your life with a set of Kickee Pants Short Sleeve Pajamas. Featuring stretchy bamboo viscose fabric and an adorable armadillo graphic that reads, “Safe & Round,” these PJs will keep your little one feeling snuggly and cozy all night long.

Desert foxes are found in only two places, across the world from each other. The Fennec Fox, which lives in the Sahara desert, is the smallest canine on Earth; adults are only eight inches tall! Then there’s the Kit fox, which lives in Mexico and the American Southwest. Both the Kit and Fennec fox cope with the harsh heat by napping in their underground dens until nighttime. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for night to see a desertfox when you have a Kickee Pants Flower Romper that’s printed all over with them! This adorable romper features loads of cute details like pocket piping, ruffles and a big fabric flower. The breezy 95% bamboo viscose material will keep her nice and cool, just like a desert fox’s big ears.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our peek into the animals of Dazzling Deserts! Check out the rest of our Kickee Pants bamboo baby clothes collection in the Two Birdees Store, as well as eco friendly baby clothes from our other partner brands.