Pima Cotton: the Secret of Kissy Kissy’s Ultra Durable Clothes

Today, Two Birdees shines a spotlight on one of our most beloved brands: Kissy Kissy. This whimsical line of eco friendly baby clothes has been in business since 1996. Kissy Kissy creator Roxana Castillo understands the world of infant clothing stores better than most. She started out as the owner of a children’s boutique before moving on to create her own brand, based around the need she saw for high quality, breathable and ultra soft baby clothes. Roxana needed just the right fabric to showcase the delicate embroidery and fun patterns she envisioned for her line of eco friendly infant clothing, and she found the perfect fit in South America’s Pima cotton.

Originally from Peru, Pima cotton is the secret behind Kissy Kissy’s ultra comfortable clothes. All cotton clothes offer great air circulation and temperature control, but Pima cotton plants yield cotton fibers that are much longer than normal, allowing each thread to be woven into the same piece of fabric over and over. The result is a soft yet very durable fabric, similar to Egyptian cotton. Pima cotton has been found to be nearly 40% stronger than conventional cotton, like the kind found in most infant and newborn clothes stores.

Roxana turned this remarkable fabric into a collection of adorable footies, sleep sacks, blankets and hats, which she shared with select boutiques around the world...including Two Birdees! Kissy Kissy clothes and accessories have been great sellers, owing to their quality and crowd pleasing cuteness. The adorable prints in hearts, stars, and jungle animal patterns are enough to make anyone smile.

Cotton baby clothes from Kissy Kissy make wonderful baby shower and birthday gifts for the eco friendly mom and birdee in your life. All Kissy Kissy items are made with 100% Peruvian Pima cotton that are hand-picked by small farmers in Peru, and some winter pieces have an outer layer of soft velour to keep them warm.

When you hear “eco friendly cotton baby clothes,” it’s easy to imagine something frail and delicate. Not so with Kissy Kissy! The strength of the Pima cotton fabric means that these pieces will last through plenty of machine washings,and the 40% increase in durability over regular cotton makes them an investment that can be handed down to younger siblings in the future. From durability to style, this brand has it all.

Check out Two Birdees’ full collection of Kissy Kissy clothes here on our website, and explore all that the brand, and the fabric that holds it together, have to offer your little birdee today!