Score Kickee Pants, Sweet Bamboo, Finn + Emma and more in our Spring Cleaning Sale!

Spring is here again, and that means spring cleaning. For us, one of the best parts about spring cleaning is helping the kids sort through their used clothes and toys, finding stuff that no longer fits or never gets played with so that we can give it to charity. Choosing what to donate gives kids responsibility and opens them to thinking of others who aren’t lucky enough to have everything they do. It also leads to some blissfully open closet least until you find new clothes to fill it up.

Every year at Two Birdees, we take on a spring cleaning mission of our own, emptying our warehouse to make room for all the awesome new outfits we’ll receive over the summer. It’s hard to see them go, but it’s exciting to look at that open space and imagine what the future will hold. It also benefits smart shoppers looking for out-of-season deals. That’s another great thing about spring cleaning: you get to replace all those donated clothes with new ones.

Two Birdees has hundreds of sale items available around our store, but here’s a rundown of the top brands that will give you the most bang for your buck:

Sweet Bamboo: Like Kickee Pants, bamboo baby clothes are what Sweet Bamboo does best. Their garments have the same stretch, softness, and breathability, but Sweet Bamboo’s version of bamboo viscose fabric is a little thicker. Browse their collection of rompers, dresses, PJs, blankets and more now!


Kickee Pants: We’re swamped with orders for Kickee Pants’ newest collection, which is great. But it also means we have to bid farewell to the old Salty Seas line. Items like this adorable puffin gift set and the fierce Hammerhead coveralls are available at a steep discount for a limited time only, so check out our Kickee Pants sale today!

Mayoral: This is a big sale on one of our biggest brands. We’re offering discounts on dozens of fall/winter items. From cold weather staples like sparkly tights and corduroy trousers to an array of winter coats, ponchos, and jackets, this sale has it all...much like Mayoral itself. The brand has made European baby clothing for over 70 years, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to quality and cold weather protection. Mayoral newbornclothing is just as durable and cool as their pieces for older kids, and all are on sale now!  


Bellybutton: These guys specialize in organic cotton baby clothes like leggings, sweatshirts, and some truly cute graphic tops that make us wish they came in adult sizes. Scope out our sales to make your baby the envy of the daycare.


Huxbaby: Huxbaby urban kidswear has set the standard for cool baby clothes and unisex baby clothes alike. They make “mini” malist versions of cutting edge styles like drop crotch pants and drop back shirts like their signature bear tee, as well as innovative designs like this high-low hem swing dress. All these styles and more are on sale now at Two Birdees, so drop by and score your little one some online funky baby clothes today!



Finn and Emma: This brand makes some of the prettiest pieces we’ve seen from whisper light organic cotton. Baby clothes by Finn + Emma run the gamut from adorable shorts to pajama sets to accessories like toys, bibs, and blankies. Check out our deals at this veritable one stop shop for natural, organic baby clothes.

 Finn + Emma Rattle Buddy (Hugo, O/S)Finn + Emma 2pc Stroller Buddy Set (Clementine Knit, Bike Wood, O/S)

Mini Melissa: Shoes are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and Mini Melissa offers the best selection around. Their shoes are all made from waterproof PVC that’s fruit scented, so kids can run, play, and sweat in them with no worries about stinking up the closet.


Tula: This line of ergonomically designed baby carriers and blankets grace our sales section with colorful prints like the dreamy cloudscape of Spring Equinox and the adorable VW buses of Road Trip. Perfect for taking on a summer road trip of your own (that you can afford thanks to all the savings!).

                                                                         Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier, Spring Equinox

Winter Water Factory: Prints, prints, prints! WWF’s dresses and rompers have them in spades. Spaceships, wild horses, and sleepy hedgehogs can be found all over these unique and lovely clothes. Check out these one of a kind pieces today!

We hope this helps you navigate our deals on eco friendly and organic baby clothes. At Two Birdees, we carry everything from organic cotton baby clothes by Finn and Emma to bamboo baby clothes from fabric innovators like Kickee Pants. You never know what you’ll find, so check back with our shop soon!