Soft and Strong: Kickee Pants’ Amazing Bamboo Fabric

On 9th Dec 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about Kickee Pants recently. Their 10th anniversary has them re-releasing a ton of favorite discontinued prints, and our pre-sale of their Spring 1 2018 collection is already making waves. But why all the hype? Because Kickee Pants bamboo baby clothes are some of the best eco friendly baby clothes we’ve found, and we’ve looked everywhere.

At Two Birdees, it’s our job to bring you the best organic baby/children clothes online in one place. By “best,” we mean that each product is high quality, made with sustainability and the planet in mind, and affordable. Kickee Pants bamboo infant clothing checks all those boxes and more. KP baby clothes are strong, breathable, hypoallergenic, and so super soft you’ll wish your whole bed was made from it. The secret behind this near-magical bamboo clothing line is the fabric, which is made from, well, bamboo!

So how does Kickee Pants turn hard bamboo into buttery soft blankets, PJs and other items like the ones you can find on our Kicky Pants sale page? Slowly. It takes many steps of crushing and soaking the soft insides of bamboo stalks until they become soft and smooth, ready to be spun into thread. Fortunately, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, so the harvesting required to make Kickee Pants fabric has a very small footprint; the bamboo doesn’t even need to be replanted, thanks to its shared root structure.

As well as being eco friendly, Kickee bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic. Bamboo is naturally resistant to many plant diseases because it contains a mild antibacterial substance called kun. The kun gets processed into Kickee Pants fabric, meaning Kickee Pants clothes won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. It’s great for kids with allergies or who are prone to rashes, especially in the diaper area. Kickee Pants carries bamboo underwear to keep them itch free from the inside out.

Bamboo holds water really well (another reason the plants are such a sustainable choice for fabric making). This means that fabric made from bamboo wicks away moisture from the skin, keeping your little ones from sweating and overheating. Many moms notice a difference in the quality of their babies’ sleep once they switch to bamboo pajamas.

To top it all off, bamboo fabric is stretchy and sturdy. It’s machine washable, and durable enough to last for many years. Your Kickee baby can keep their Kickee Pants toddler blanket as a treasured heirloom long after they’ve outgrown it.

We hope this post about bamboo fabric inspires you to give Kickee Pants a try. You can also check our shop for dozens more of our trusted brands. We carry eco friendly baby gear, from organic cotton baby clothes from brands like Finn + Emma and Huxbaby to stylish European children’s clothing by Spanish brand Mayoral. You can find Kickee Pants sale items and more on our sale page; check back frequently for steals and deals, and as always, thanks for reading!