The Best Places to Wear Tula Baby Carriers

The Best Places to Wear Tula Baby Carriers

On 6th Apr 2016

baby tula carriers Mothers who love Tula baby carriers are often proud to call themselves fanatics of the baby product and will gladly purchase multiples of the carriers at specialty boutiques like Two Birdees. More parents are learning the long list of benefits of wearing a Tula carrier, from the comfortable fit to the stylish prints that are available for a variety of options that are sold on Two Birdees. When you want to enjoy having your hands free and using the product on a weekly basis, there are a few places to take the carriers so you can continue to have your child close while being able to cross off a couple of the tasks on your list.

Carrying Your Baby at Grocery Stores

The grocery store and other type of stores are the most ideal places to wear a Tula carrier when it comes to flipping through your coupons or bagging fresh produce. When you have a newborn baby or infant in tow, it can often be challenging to grab items off of the shelf or flip through different clothing sizes at newborn clothes stores. Tula carriers offer a high level of ergonomic support with the design, including an insert for newborn babies who need extra support for their necks as they're carried. This allows the child to feel comfortable and close to ensure that you can get your errands done smoothly without attempting to sooth a sometimes fussy child who just wants to be held.

Babywearing at Flea Markets

Flea markets are the perfect place to keep your child close while shopping for antique furniture or scouring the products of local vendors for gems to take home. As a new parent, you may look forward to a day out shopping for a break from mommyhood as you look for organic infant clothing, some new kitchen tools, or a few pieces of clothing that will fit your ever changing needs.

It can be difficult to enjoy the day with a new baby who wants to be held and comforted for an extended period of time, which can mean heading back to the car early and calling it a day. Instead, a Tula baby carrier will allow your child to be strapped in close to your chest, which will allow them to hear your heartbeat and can soothe their fussy or clingy mood. Tula carriers even come with sunshades on the top, which will prevent the sun from beaming down on your child throughout the day for added comfort. This will allow the infant to nap, nurse, and enjoy feeling close to you as you get a dose of shopping therapy.

Using a Tula Carrier at Farmer's Markets

When you're shopping for local honey or organic apples at your local farmer's market, you may be on a mission when it comes to getting all of the produce that you need for the week. As a new mom, you may find it challenging to stay on top of your grocery list while making conversation with the local vendors while tending to your child's needs.

Wear your Tula carrier to the farmer's market to ensure that you can continue enjoying your trip each week while munching on a few cheese samples or smelling fresh bouquets of peonies. You'll be able to multitask by having your infant snuggled up on your body, which will allow them to feel at peace in a new setting.

Benefits of Tula Babywearing Around the House

From doing multiple loads of laundry on a daily basis to trying to load the dishwasher, any mom knows that one of the most common challenges that comes with parenthood is keeping your home semi tidy while trying to take care of a little one. Although you never hesitate to snuggle with your baby, there comes a time when the floors need to be swept and the sink needs to be scrubbed. With a Tula carrier strapped on, it's easy to maintain your daily responsibilities and chores without neglecting your baby as you make your rounds at home. You'll find that you're more efficient during the day and may even get to squeeze in a bit of downtime due to a new level of productivity by having two free hands.

Babywearing and Dressing Your Child in Cotton & Bamboo Baby Clothes at the Beach

Just because you have a baby who may or may not be colicky doesn't mean that you have to miss a day at the beach when you want to soak in some sun. Wearing a baby carrier outdoors is convenient and allows you to get out of the house without feeling like you're still on mommy duty. You can spend time with your feet in the water while nursing your little one or walk along the shore without struggling to carry your infant in your arms the whole time. You can also use a Tula sunshade to protect your child's skin from the sun as they enjoy listening to the sounds of the waves and the feel of the ocean breeze. We cannot imagine a more perfect pastime with your newborn baby!