The Delicate Process of Making Tula Baby Blanket

The Delicate Process of Making Tula Baby Blanket

On 20th Apr 2016

Although Tula baby carriers continue to increase in popularity and are sold through different infant clothing and products stores throughout the country, Tula baby blankets have also been in the spotlight for the prints and quality materials that are used with each item. The soft and high-quality blankets are also a favorite among moms and dads for the high level of care that is used when they're made. Instead of mass producing the Tula blankets to meet the high demand of the products, the brand continues to take their time creating each item with great care while following a set of high standards.

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Quality Fabric Used in a Polish Factory

Many people are surprised to learn that Tula baby blankets are made in a Polish, family-owned factory before they're delivered to newborn clothes stores. The brand understands that the materials and construction of the product needs to be at the highest standards because of their important purpose of wrapping babies and keeping them warm during the first months and years of their life. This requires a high level of care and patience to go into the process of dyeing, weaving, finishing, and printing all of the different fabrics that are used from beginning to end. This is achieved by using fabric that complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate. Each blanket from Tula is also made with viscose, which comes from bamboo and is used for various medical products that must pass a number of different standards to be sold in retail stores. The soft fabric is breathable but still has a thick texture to ensure that babies and toddlers can stay warm while taking a ride in their stroller or when they're cuddled up in Mom's arms. This not only keeps the chill away in the fall or winter seasons, but it prevents the child from sweating or overheating as babies' s nervous system that is just beginning to develop.

Extra Cushion with the Materials

All of the Tula blankets have a GSM of 180g/m2, which allows them to have extra cushion for added comfort for the infant. Many of the prints and patterns feature a variety of colors, which may concern parents with the chemicals that are used. Fortunately, all of the dyes that are added to the blankets are safe and ecological to protect the health of infants with frequent use. This helps to avoid respiratory issues or skin rashes that can develop among babies due to harmful dyes that are used in lower quality baby clothes. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child's health is protected without compromising on the style of blanket that you pick out.

The Background of the Factory

Over 100 factory workers are employed to construct the blankets with ethical business practices that are closely followed. The owner of the mill originally opened the doors of the factory with the goal of providing opportunities to adults with special needs. The factory has also continued to donate the products that they make to charity organizations, hospitals in the local area, and child care centers for a strong impact that has been made in the community.

The factory takes pride in hiring workers who have a strong set of ethics and goals to construct each Tula blanket. This increases the morale of the company and allow each thread to be put together with a high level of love and care before they're used to keep each child warm.

Intricate Designs Created

The Polish factory where the blankets are made in continues to help the Tula brand thrive due to their skill and talent with creating intricate details and designs on each of the products that are made. The workers use advanced and highly specialized looms, which offers the ability to weave specific details that are often challenging to be created by other factories. Tula provides their creativity and designs to the factory before the talented employees create each dream blanket and make them into a reality.

Versatility with Tula Blankets

Tula blankets are the perfect item to take on the go when you're traveling long distances in the car or when you are bringing your baby along to do a bit of shopping. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child will sleep more soundly due to the extra comfort that is provided by the blankets. Many parents also use the products to practice tummy time with their little one when it's time to help them lift their neck in the first few months of their life without lying directly on a hardwood floor. The Tula blankets are an heirloom quality baby product that will be cherished by you and your family for many years to come!