Things you should know about Pima cotton

Posted by Two Birdees On 18th Jun 2015 In Pima cotton

why so many moms are so keen on dressing their little ones in Pima cotton

Pima cotton, considered to be the “king of cottons”, is world’s softest, highly durable, and hypoallergenic cotton that are ideally suited for a baby’s sensitive skin. In the Northern coastal valleys of Peru, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at most ideal equatorial growing conditions for cotton. The result is the softest hand feel, high luster, highly durable, and allergy deterrent cotton that best compliments babies and young tots, whose sensitive skin benefits most from Pima cotton’s premium characteristics.

Unlike the majority of commercial cotton, Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand. This hand harvesting leaves out impurities that could be scratchy and which in turn can cause discomfort to baby's’ delicate skin.

Without impurities, Peruvian Pima cotton displays a brilliant white shade and it can be dyed into beautiful and heirloom quality clothing materials! With one touch and look, you no longer need to wonder why Kissy Kissy, a premier Peruvian Pima cotton clothing line for children, is so loved by moms all around the world!

Like gem stones coming in all different quality levels, the quality of cotton can vary enormously from one type to another. Compared to ordinary cotton fibers that measures between ½” to ¾”, Pima cotton is exceptionally long with average staple length at 1-⅜” . Consequently, Pima cotton is silky soft, extremely durable and highly resistant to pilling.

Moms love brands such as Kissy Kissy foremost for its baby soft hand feel. With one simple touch, they begin to understand its value. Wash after wash, Pima cotton clothing retains its shape. Over time, Pima cotton baby clothing has come to be known as the softest, most durable, and heirloom quality baby clothing pieces that can be passed from one child to another!

To learn more about Kissy Kissy, one of the premier children’s clothing lines that are trusted and approved by the many moms who have discovered some of the best baby clothing items at Two Birdees, you can read more Pima Cotton about it here.