Top Five Free Apps Every New Mom Should Check Out!

Top Five Free Apps Every New Mom Should Check Out!

For new moms who are getting used to changing their newborn in and out of newborn clothing, they often need as much help as they can get with caring for the new addition. From sleeping a few hours each night to constant feedings around the clock, it can be difficult to stay organized and to feel one is on top of things all the time! Fortunately, there are a few apps to download on smartphones for a virtual personal assistant.

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Milk Maid

In the first few months of the newborn's life, it can be easy to feel like you're a milk machine with how much you're breastfeeding and pumping throughout the day. You may feel like you are changing your child out of their organic baby clothes 12 times a day or whenever they spit up! This app makes it easy to calculate how much milk your baby is consuming to ensure that they're getting enough to eat. The app also makes it easy to track how much breastmilk you have stored in your freezer to ensure that it's on hand and available before it expires.

WebMd Baby

For new moms who are learning about the different stages of a baby, it can be easy to become worried about various illnesses or rashes that may develop. Instead of rushing to your pediatrician, WebMd Baby makes it easier to diagnose the baby at home and discover the potential cause of the problem. This will offer mom and dad peace of mind, especially during nights or weekends when doctors are not as accessible.

Baby Connect

For the ultimate baby app, Baby Connect does it all by tracking your child's mood, diaper changes, feedings, and medicines. The recorded information can even be sent to other people, making it easy to update your spouse or have a daycare send the data to you as you're away from your little one.


Any new parent quickly understands just how many requests they'll be getting from family and friends to send photos of their new bundle of joy. It can often be difficult to remember to send photos of the newborn in their cute baby clothes when you're running on only a few hours of sleep. Flock is an app that makes it easy to gather certain photos of the baby on your phone and place all of them in a single album. You can provide access to the album to certain people in your life for an easy way of keeping them updated without doing all of the extra work that's involved.

Sitorsquat: Bathroom Finder

When you're running errands or spending time with family out in public, you'll quickly learn the importance of having a bathroom nearby when it's time to change your little ones' diaper. You may even need to find a restroom because your child had a blow-out in their baby sleeper. SitorSquat will show you specific areas nearby where you can have access to a bathroom and easily tend to your child's needs without having to head back home.