Top Kickee Pants Items to Keep your Baby Warm and Safe this Flu Season

At some point, everyone has been told, “Don’t go outside without a coat! You’ll get sick!” While it’s a myth that simply being cold will make you ill, low temperatures can take a toll on your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off infections. This is doubly true for babies and young children. That’s why the winter flu season (late fall to early spring) is such bad news for little ones. Flu shots, regular checkups, and chicken soup go a long way towards ensuring that your little birdee stays healthy all winter. But there are other things concerned parents can do, such as wrapping your baby in warm, bacteria resistant clothes and blankets like the ones made by Kickee Pants.

The secret is in Kickee Pants’ viscose from bamboo fabric. This line of eco friendly baby coverall, footies, pajama sets, onesies, blankets, and sheets are all made from eco friendly bamboo fabric, which is naturally antibacterial. In its natural form, bamboo contains a substance called bamboo kun, which neutralizes bacteria to keep the plants safe from blight and other illnesses. Kun has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Another plus: the fabric also neutralizes odor causing bacteria, which is great for whoever is on diaper duty.

To help your baby stay safe and stylish this winter, we recommend Kickee Pants fitted crib sheets in cute patterns like pandas, apple blossoms, tiny whales, and storks. Meanwhile, bamboo infant clothing items like coveralls, hats and long sleeve swing dresses will ensure they’re dressed to perfection while avoiding those nasty bugs.

The Kickee Pants sale section of the Two Birdees shop offers all these items and more, so be sure to look around! We are one of the premier infant clothing stores picked to carry the Kickee Pants brand. Our pre sale of Kicky Pants baby clothes Fall 3 collection is still ongoing and will be shipped in November, so check here for all the newest items. Thanks for reading, and stay healthy out there this season!