Top Safety & Baby Developmental Benefits of Tula Baby Carriers

Top Safety & Baby Developmental Benefits of Tula Baby Carriers

On 3rd Feb 2016

When anticipating the arrival of a new baby, many expectant mothers scour the Internet and shop at various baby boutiques for the top baby shoes, baby girl hats, and designer baby clothes. Among the most highly rated products are Tula baby carriers, which have increased in popularity in recent years for their creative designs that can be included in baby gift baskets with a baby jacket or trendy baby rompers. Although the design of Tula baby carriers make them high-ticket items, they are also hailed for their long list of safety benefits that are provided. As one of the top items sold on Two Birdees, Tula baby carriers are now considered an essential item for new mothers and make for one of the best baby gifts to give at baby showers.

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Cultivates a Close Bond

Baby carriers are considered a convenient and comfortable way of carrying around a baby in the first few months or years of their life. For mothers, it makes for an easy way of freeing up their hands while keeping the child close when spending time in the home or in public. The product also helps to nurture the child and cultivate a close bond that can be shared while using the carrier during the day.

Protects the Airway

Not only do Tula baby carriers look adorable when dressing your little one in cool baby clothes, but they also boast a long list of safety benefits compared to other brands. The carriers are soft and structured for a product that combines both comfort and support for the child and mother. In the first four months of a baby's life, the child needs to be kept upright and in a tummy-to-tummy position to protect their delicate airway. Tula baby carriers allow the child to be supported while also ensuring that they can continue to breathe by preventing their chin from pressing down on their chest. This will prevent their airway from becoming restricted as you carry them close for several minutes or hours.

Proper Head and Neck Support

Tula baby carriers are also a popular designer baby product because they allow you to show off your baby's face without covering it. Although you may get stopped by passerbyers who want to gush over your child, keeping their face uncovered with the carrier helps to promote proper breathing as their cheek rests against your chest for proper head and neck support. You should be able to fit one to two fingers between their head and your chest to ensure that they have enough mobility and aren't smothered in their current position.

Tula ergonomic carriers are one of the most popular products on Two Birdees and can also be used with an infant insert, which is used for babies who are under 15 pounds. The accessory is a comfortable pillow that provides support to the back and neck to properly modify the size of the carrier for the infant. The insert also works as a harness that allows them to remain in the same position for several hours without moving around or becoming loose as they're carried.

Promotes Spine Development

Spine development is one of the most important steps to ensuring that the newborn grows properly in the first months of their life. Tula baby carriers support spine development by placing the child in a safe position with weight that is distributed throughout the body. This helps to relieve pressure that can be placed on the spine. Tula understands that babies grow and develop the most in the first year of their life, which is why a variety of carriers are offered to support them in each stage.

Ergonomic Support

Tula Ring Slings are one of the top baby gifts for newborns because they use a single piece of breathable fabric, which allows the child to remain comfortable and avoid becoming overheated as they remain snug. This allows the child to be kept in an ergonomic position that mimics being in the womb and is easily adjustable for a custom fit.

Brain Development

Tula baby carriers not only help to promote safety as you and your child bond, but the features also help the child to develop a sense of security with the ergonomic support that is available. This allows the infant to have proper brain development, which will lower their stress levels and allow them to form strong bonds with their parents and other caregivers.

Not only will your child stay safe as they grow and develop in Tula baby carriers, but they'll look adorable while sporting cute baby clothing and babiators as you take them around town.