Tula Babywearing in the Heat

Posted by Two Birdees On 13th May 2016

Any Tula loving mom is well aware of the convenience a baby carrier such as Tula offers her! The product makes it easy to get your errands done or perform chores around the house without getting interrupted when your infant wants to be close. Unfortunately, some mothers are hesitant to wear the carriers outdoors in the heat, especially when the temperatures begin to rise, due to the discomfort that it can cause to both the mother and child. Fortunately, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that you both remain cool and comfortable while remaining safe in an outdoor setting.

Practice Kangaroo Care for Newborns in an Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Kangaroo care should be practiced for small babies due to an inability to regulate their temperatures. This means placing the child chest to chest, which helps to maintain the baby's body temperature without overheating in warm climates. This can assist small babies with thermoregulation to ensure that they remain healthy while spending more time outdoors in the spring and summer seasons.

It is great that you may have a favorite Tula baby carrier from boutiques such as Two Birdees that you use on a regular basis, because Tula carriers apply fabrics of natural-fibers and lightweight for plenty of breathability. Opt for using a product that has only one pass or panel to avoid insulating your child as they sit on your chest.

Remain Attentive to Your Baby's Health

Most mothers enjoy Tula carriers from Two Birdees for the convenience that the products offer with having your hands free while keeping your infant comfortable. Although children don't need a lot of attention when they're in the carrier, it's important to be more attentive when spending time in the heat to protect their health. Monitor your child's temperature each hour to avoid an increase in their metabolic demands to avoid higher oxygen consumption. It's also important to monitor their breathing to avoid SIDS, which the baby has a higher risk of when spending more time in the heat. Provide proper support to your child's neck and head to ensure that they can continue to breathe well and don't have their face pressed against your chest.

To prevent overheating, it's also important to take breaks in cooler locations without spending a consistent amount of time outside. You can also help your baby stay cool by placing a damp cloth or towel on their skin as they're carried on your chest. This will help to provide them with added comfort to cool their skin and help regulate their temperature. If the child's skin feels hot to the touch or they begin to sweat, they may be overheating and should be taken back indoors.

Dress the Infant in Light Cotton and Bamboo Baby Clothes

If you're planning on babywearing while spending time at the park or when attending an outdoor birthday party, it's important to dress your child in cotton, viscose bamboo, or other natural fiber baby clothes that are breathable and absorbent. Avoid dressing the baby in more than one layer of organic cotton baby clothes to prevent them from overheating due to too much material and insulation that they may wear.

To ensure that your baby stays cool, you can also consider keeping them in a diaper and loose Kicky Pants baby clothes that will allow air to flow through their clothes as they spend time outdoors. You can also use a sunhat to shield their face for extra shade.You can also consider using a Cotton Wrap Conversion Ring Sling if you want to carry your child in the heat, which only uses one layer of fabric to strap your baby in. The extra fabric that hangs off of the ring sling can even be used to cover your child's body from the sun for added protection that won't make them too warm.

Increase the Baby's Hydration and Provide Shade

Babies are prone to dehydration when they spend more time outdoors during the spring and summer months. Make it a point to increase their hydration by providing them with more water or milk while you're at a baseball game or are shopping at an outdoor outlet. It's also important to stay in the shade as much as possible without standing directly in the heat for too long. You can also consider using a Tula sunshade, which will protect your child from the sun with a lightweight cover that is used over their head. This will also help them to nap easier without the sun shining in their eyes.

If you're breastfeeding, you'll need to increase your water intake to ensure that you maintain your milk supply and can provide enough fluids to your baby.