Two Birdees Kickee Pants: Why Bamboo Might be the Dream Material for Your Kids?

On 20th Sep 2017

Here at Two Birdees, we make no secret about our love for Free Birdees bamboo baby clothes. They are one of our favorite brands to work with, and judging from their popularity in the shop, they’re among our customers’ favorites, too. But what makes Free Birdees clothing so soft, stretchy, and ultimately lovable? The answer is the bamboo viscose fabric! There are some interesting and unique features about bamboo that make it perfect for fashioning eco friendly baby clothes. We can’t keep those features to ourselves, either (we’re bad at this “secret” thing). So here’s a list of the top reasons why bamboo makes such great gear for little birdees.

Grow Smarter

Did you know that when you look at a grove of bamboo, you’re technically seeing one plant? All the separate bamboo stalks have interconnected roots, so every stalk you see shares a life with those around it. This root structure helps prevent erosion and makes bamboo one of the easiest plants to grow, while also being easy on the Earth. The fast-growing grasses improve air quality by giving off tons of oxygen (up to 35% more oxygen than a stand of trees the same size). By the time stalks of bamboo are cut to be turned into eco friendly fabric for Free Birdees baby clothes, they’ve already helped the environment. With us having our eyes on the environment, we @ Two Birdees love this fabric!

Itch Free = Way to Be

Another reason bamboo grows so well is that bamboo groves are almost never damaged by insects or disease. That’s because bamboo contains an antibacterial agent known as “bamboo kun.” Kun keeps bamboo healthy and free from pests, which means it doesn’t need the pesticides that are sprayed on most textile plants. When the bamboo is made into fabric, the benefits of the kun can transfer over to the wearer. Bamboo viscose of the kind used by Free Birdees is slightly antibacterial, making it ideal for infants’ sensitive skin. Kids and adults with lots of allergies or skin irritations can benefit from bamboo clothing, as well. That’s a win no matter your age!

No Sweat

Bamboo plants are great at sucking up and storing water. This means bamboo crops need very little watering compared to other textile crops, such as cotton. It also means that bamboo fabric is super absorbent; it can wick away moisture as soon as it appears on the skin. This sweat wicking action is why Free Birdees makes such awesome sleep and play wear. The fabric helps regulate your little one’s temperature and keeps them cool and comfy all day or night long. That spells a greater chance your baby will sleep through the night, and that your older kids will smell (a little) better after a long day of running around.

If this post got you excited about the special qualities of bamboo fabric, be sure to check out our Shop for more fantastic pieces!  There are new styles coming in all the time, so visit Free Birdees to see what’s new!