Why Buy Mayoral on Two Birdees?

Why Buy Mayoral on Two Birdees?

Last week, Two Birdees introduced the newest kids fashion from Spain when we unveiled the fall/winter collection from our newest brand, Mayoral. Mayoral has been a leader in unique children’s clothes for more than 70 years. The quality and variety of pieces they offer definitely shows their rich tradition; it sets them apart from other infant clothing stores brands, both in Europe and abroad.

Two Birdees is one of the few boutiques out there chosen to offer Mayoral online. We are so excited to share Mayoral’s top-end brand of European baby clothing with you through our online shop! But the question is, why should you be excited? Why buy Mayoral in the first place, and why buy it from us? We’ll tell you...

Why Two Birdees?

Simply put, Two Birdees offers the best shopping experience. We give free shipping on orders over $49, and flat rate $5 shipping on everything else, as well as full refunds within 14 days. What’s more, our rewards program is there to help you get these already affordable clothes at even better prices. Every dollar you spend gets you points to redeem for big time discounts! You even get points for creating an account and sharing us on Facebook. Check out the details here: https://www.twobirdees.com/rewards-program/

We’re a family run business, and we make sure every person who visits our boutique has the best and easiest time possible. Let’s face it: if you’re shopping for baby clothes, you’ve probably got a lot going on in your life. Even if you’re not shopping for your own kids, we take pride in matching you with the best birthday present or the perfect baby shower gift. All the brands we offer are held to high standards of comfort and eco friendliness. We only sell clothes that we test on our own little birdees first!

Why Mayoral?

For us, the best clothes are affordable, durable, ethically made, and of course adorable. On every one of these points, Mayoral shines.

The quality of their eco friendly baby clothes can be see here::

As you can see, Mayoral’s clothes are sturdy enough to support your little ones no matter where they roam. Although some of their prettiest pieces can be used for formal occasions, Mayoral makes clothes for active and stylish kids. The brand’s motto is “Making friends,” and their outfits make it easy for little ones to do just that, whether they’re swinging from a jungle gym or running around a birthday party.

Buying Mayoral from us is a win-win-win.

When you buy Mayoral from Two Birdees, you’re helping Mayoral make more strides in European baby fashion, while also helping our family of Birdees stay in business to bring you more great children’s clothes. Bur most importantly, you’ll be helping yourself to a stress free shopping experience. So help yourself out, and take a look at our new Mayoral collection today! Shop here.