Why More Mothers Are Choosing Organic Baby Clothes

Posted by Twobirdees On 28th Jul 2018 In Organic Baby Clothes, non-organic cotton dangers

There are many reasons why mothers choose organic baby clothes, but the most important one is that organic baby clothes are safer for your baby! This is because there are no harmful pesticides on them, and this keeps your baby safe from non-organic cotton dangers. However, another common reason why mothers choose organic baby clothes is that they're better for the environment. The cotton that is often used for non-organic baby clothes can be grown with pesticides that can cause environmental damage. However, these aren't the only reasons why more mothers are making the switch to organic baby clothes. Here are some of the most important non-organic cotton dangers to be aware of: 

Synthetic Fabrics Can Be Bad For Your Baby's Health

Many synthetic fabrics can cause a variety of harmful health effects on babies, and some synthetic fabrics are thought to be endocrine disruptors. In addition, some of the synthetic materials that are used to make non-organic baby clothes might even increase one's risk of cancer, and these are some examples of compounds that can be found in the synthetic baby clothes: 

  • Petrochemicals (chemicals derived from petroleum)
  • Plastics
  • Other substances

In some cases, non-organic cotton clothes contain a mixture synthetic materials and cotton. 

A Lot Of Baby Clothes Are Sprayed With Flame Retardants

These substances are thought to cause an increased risk of substantial developmental problems, and it's estimated that a large percentage of children have these chemicals in their body. They are thought to cause endocrine problems, and this can cause an early onset of puberty and developmental delays. 

How Common Are Flame Retardants?

A study recently found that flame retardants are present in 80% of children's clothing and blankets, and these chemicals are even known to find their way into breastmilk! 

Potentially Hazardous Chemicals Are Used To Process It

After the cotton has been manufactured, chemicals are almost always used to process it. In fact, it is not uncommon for bleach to be used to process cotton, and the residue can be harsh on some babies' skin. 

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