At TwoBirdees we strive to do all we can to provide safe items for your children. Traditional cotton is considered to be the world’s “dirtiest crop” due to its high use of pesticides.  In fact, even though traditional cotton is only grown on 2.5% of cultivated land, the crop uses 16% of the world’s insecticides. These chemicals are known to have adverse effects on surrounding wildlife, farmers and even our food because cotton husks are often used as part of livestock feed.

Therefore, we believe in doing our best to use organic cotton, Pima cotton and bamboo fibers whenever we can. Because our materials are pesticide free they don’t only make your children’s clothes safer, but they also promote a cleaner world for them to grow up in. 


Your little Birdee may not understand why Peruvian Pima cotton’s extra long staple make it incredibly softer than traditional cotton.  He or she may also not know that bamboo’s naturally round fibers are comparable to silk and its breathable structure help keep body temperatures cool in the summer and warmer in the winter

But we bet that you will appreciate their smiling faces and restful slumbers that are a result of superior materials whose absence of pesticides and scratchy impurities help eliminate skin irritation and improve overall health.  Yes, your Birdee may not always understand all that you do to care for them, but we do and therefore will always continue to seek out the best materials that help to keep them and you smiling.



When it comes to thinking about how you’re going to care for your child, worrying about whether their clothes are going to wear out should never be on the list. Unlike traditional materials, organic cotton fibers are not weakened by harmful chemicals during processing, and they retain their natural shine and vibrant colors through washes.

Pima cotton’s extra long fibers don’t just make it softer than traditional materials but it’s also nature’s thoughtful design that allow these clothes to withstand the crawling, running and all-around horseplay that your Birdees will undoubtedly be doing.  Pima cotton is nearly 40% stronger than regular cotton. So you can be confident that our clothes will be just as comfortable and charming in case a second little Birdee comes hopping along.