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Free Birdees - Alpaca Stroller Blanket


This is probably one of the most versatile blankets to accompany your birdee well into his/her toddler years! While it is still very breathable, It is double layered to provide more weight and comfort as an everyday blanket for taking a nap, going out with you and your birdee on a stroller ride, providing a cozy covering during your car rides, or simply as the favorite blanket your birdee holds down to everywhere he/she goes!

MATERIALS: 95% Bamboo from Viscose; 5% Lycra
COLOR: Alpaca
MEASUREMENT: 39” x 39”
BREATHABLE material to offer your birdee great comfort
HIGHEST-GRADE yarns to minimize pilling
ONE-OF-A-KIND prints designed in house

Free Birdees - Alpaca Stroller Blanket Reviews

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