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Hazel Village - Oliver Mouse in Engineer Outfit


Hazel Village handcrafts heirloom quality stuff animals responsibly & at a reasonable price. Jane Van Cleef, the creative mind behind the line, loves making quality toys that can stay with children as they grow up - first as soft, snuggly friends, then as companions for storytelling and dress-up play, as the inspiration for craft projects (kid-made clothes, furniture, etc. for the animals), and eventually as treasured keepsakes.

Character: Oliver Mouse in Engineer Outfit

Material: Organic cotton fleece

Oliver Mouse has a tiny accordion, which he likes to practice after breakfast. He has been playing for about two and a half years, so he's getting pretty good. Ella Toad is learning the recorder now, and they are practicing a duet of The Eensy Weensy Spider

Oliver is made of gray organic cotton fleece. He's about 14" tall. His eyes and nose are hand stitched with cotton thread. He is stuffed with polyfill, so you can hand wash him and he will air dry!

Oliver is dressed in his engineer's outfit, lightweight blue cotton long-sleeve shirt with velcro closure in front, stripe cropped pants with allowance in the back for his tail, and a patterned bandana. All clothing items are removable so Oliver can share and trade with all of the other Hazel Village animals!

If you're wanting to give Oliver to a small baby, we recommend removing smaller clothing items before hand

Oliver will come your way in a reusable cotton bag. He doesn't come with an accordion but he will have his lucky bandana and a delightful lavender and mint sachet! 



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