Our Commitment to Safety, Quality & Comfort


When we had our first little birdee, we had difficulty finding materials that would be gentle enough for his sensitive skin.  When the second birdee came along, we faced the dilemma of finding adaptive clothes for a little one that grew 2 lbs in just a few weeks!

As our little ones grew up and started bouncing off trees and grass, quality and safety became a challenge.  Knowing that there must be other parents facing our same issues, we have devoted our time to seek out help for all parents in need.  We have searched far and wide under every twig and leaf to find quality items. 

We’ve sought out the best organic materials, and nothing is offered on our site unless it has passed our exceedingly high standards.  Quality assurance is confirmed by our own two birdees who try everything before it is offered to you.  We know that dressing and providing for your own birdee is no trivial matter and so we commit to you our continued search for the best safety, quality and comfort. 

We stand behind every romper, coverall, bib and toy you will find on TwoBirdees.com and we invite your to discover what we have found for you.