Quality and Safety: Product quality and safety are what inspired us to start this journey. In our fast moving lives, we parents often have questions on whether we are offering our birdees the best. As parents ourselves, we have these same questions. Therefore, we make it our promise to you to hand select each of our vendors and test all the products with our own two birdees before we offer the products to you. We make it a point to raise questions with our vendors down to what type of fabric dyes are being applied. Quality and safety are our pledge to you: we promise to never cease improving on these two pillars! 


TwoBirdees Environment


Environmentally Friendly: What is safe for our environment is often safe for our birdees. Therefore, we believe in doing our best to use organic cotton, Pima cotton and bamboo fibers whenever we can. The majority of our products are also dyed with vegetable or other types of low impact dyes. We believe in doing our part to ensure we offer our birdees a cleaner world to live in. 



TwoBirdees Social


Socially Responsible: The ability to give back is what makes us happy with what we do. It is also what will continue to keep us grounded in our roots. We select a handful of nonprofit organizations to collaborate on causes that resonate with us parents in the most profound ways. We love to hear from you and invite you to join our journey!